The mid-week update…

First off, I’m probably going to disappoint a couple of you who were kind enough to comment on my last entry… this probably isn’t the band camp you’re thinking of! What I’ve been doing all week is working as the flute instructor for a concert band camp for middle-schoolers. In other words, not marching band. It’s been a pretty good week so far, though I have the quietest bunch of middle-school female flute players that I’ve ever had in the six years I’ve been doing this now– usually by this time of the week, it’s all I can do to get them to shut up and play during the all-flute rehearsal portion of the day! I have this theory that flute attracts two completely opposite personality types– the divas who want to be the center of attention and pick it because it’s one of the highest instruments (like a soprano) and tends to get a lot of melody parts, and the introverts who want to play music, but are content to hide within what is inevitably a large group of the same instrument. I think this year, I got all the latter. So that’s been interesting. Oh yeah, and I’m getting paid to play music from Star Wars, since the instructors play along with the students in the concert. So life is good.

The wrists are getting better– my right hand is almost completely back to normal, though I’m not giving up on the braces yet, and they still have their moments of stiffness/tinglyness. Left hand is still a little more on the stiff/painful side, but in theory, if I’m a good girl for the rest of this week, I might be able to pick up on stuff like, say, craftiness, and my own personal practicing, by next week. As long as I take breaks to rest them. Here’s hoping.

Ok, now for the stuff that’s actually interesting to you all!

  • I ended up getting beach towels for my seat covers again. Nice ones, so hopefully they’ll last. But need to start working on that some soon.
  • The pages aren’t done by any means–have to go back and add stuff like the stamping and machine stitching–but I spent a good amount of time over the weekend just sticking photos to paper for the road trip album. By that count, half my pictures are now on paper, at least. So that’s progress.
  • No actual sewing this week, as I’m not willing to risk scissor-work until the concert’s over. But hopefully after that.
  • What I’ve been doing on weeknights instead is some organization of supplies. My mom had a whole bunch of scrapbook supplies that she’d gotten– I’d been helping her put some of our old family photos in an album. But then I got busy with grad school or something, and they’ve been in bins for years, and she decided she just wanted to put them in a nice acid-free album with pockets that she could just slide the pics into. The result of this is that I am now in possession of a lot of paper and stickers (and a few albums) that need to be sorted into my stash, which I am slowly working on getting more organized. So between this and the stuff that C gave me when she decided she was more of a yarncraft girl, I will probably not need to buy another album for, oh, the next five years. And I have so much paper that I’m seriously considering a Wardrobe Refashion-style pledge for my scrapbook supplies–like not to buy any new supplies (with some obvious exceptions like, say, adhesive when I run out, or photo development) for a certain period of time. And if I don’t have something that immediately works, especially on the paper/embellishment side, take a cue from Tim Gunn and “make it work”! Not a formal pledge yet, will keep you posted.
  • Speaking of Tim Gunn, I did NOT know until this morning, when reading the entertainment/comics section of the newspaper, that Project Runway premieres tonight! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some time to review the episode…and my hands will cooperate!

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