Friday Favorites, Episode 16: The Late Edition

I meant to put this up when I got home last night, but “fireworks watching” turned into “it started raining before the fireworks, which turned into a massive thunderstorm, which meant we watched a movie, some tv, and a lot of lightning instead”, and I didn’t get home until 1. So posting today instead. Still just up to Friday, though, as I haven’t checked my blog feeds since.

First off, my Crafting a Green World picks of the week. There was a post featuring another company that sells organic cotton fabrics. Great to see there’s more of a supply out there– I just wish it wasn’t so expensive! There was also a feature on milk paint, and possible ideas for how to use it in craft applications. Would be awhile before I need it, because I still have a massive supply of acrylic craft paint. It’s thanks to my grandparents, who used to own a doll/craft supply store, and when they decided to leave the retail business when I was a teenager, let me have the run of the acrylic paint display and pick out a whole pile of colors. So I’ve been using those for years now on my craft projects and scrapbook pages. I’d rather use those up than throw them out, but once those are gone…

I got a kick out of a post at ThreadBanger about quilting. Mainly because it featured a Harry Potter quilt, and I have enough friends who are obsessed with HP that it amuses me. (I liked HP, after I gave it a fair shot…I’m just more of a Lord of the Rings girl myself.)

There weren’t instructions on how to make it, but I thought this frog at Creative Kismet was really cute.

This week at My Half of the Brain, I found a link to vintage comic strips about sewing! More informative than funny, but I’m enough of a geek that I can’t resist the lure of comic illustrations. Speaking of geekiness, they also had a post about how to knit pointed ear warmers. They called them “Spock Ears”, but I think they’d work for a cold-blooded elf look too. (Not that I’ll ever make them, because I don’t knit, but I was still amused.

In the category of “seriously tempted to make it soon” was a charging station for small electronics featured at Recycled Crafts. But I won’t yet, because I need a new cell phone first. (Mainly because I’m also seriously tempted to run over mine repeatedly with my car. Had it for just over a year, and it’s been nothing but trouble since the day I bought it. But I won’t, because it’ll be a lot harder to recycle it that way.)

Several posts related to food caught my eye this week. Thimble had a post about some “pocket tarts” she made with a potato filling– no recipe, as she got it from a cookbook, but she did have some illustrations and basic instructions. They kind of remind me of a baked, much healthier version of the empanadas I had in Chile. Eileen at Consumption Rebellion did an experiment with quick Moroccan-style preserved lemons, along with the first recipe she’s planning on using them for. I’m hoping she lets us know how they turned out, because I love Moroccan food!

Ok, that’s a wrap for this week. Off to take care of the necessary evil of laundry, so that I can sew more fodder for the next laundry pile!


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