scrapbook progress

I spent most of Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday afternoon working on the road trip scrapbook. Made some pretty decent progress… 23 pages almost done. I say almost, because I still have to add rub-ons to several of them–I picked them out, but I’m having to put those on more gradually because I’m having a carpal tunnel flareup and that’s a bit hard on my wrists right now. 😦 That, and I have to actually draw the route onto the map page (I found this piece of 12×12 paper at Scrap Your Trip that looked like a map of the western states– that’s also where I got the travel-themed rub on pack.) But here’s my two sample pages that I’m showing so far. This first one is one of my dividers between days, this one being the day we spent at Olympic National Park. It has the park map, a hard-to-see title stamped on some tea-dyed muslin scraps (courtesy of my mom the quilter), one of those journaling booklets that I made awhile back, the patch that I bought at Olympic (I bought a patch at each of the parks, with the original intent to sew them onto my daypack, but then I didn’t have enough surface area on the bag to put them all on. So I’m using them as scrapbook embellishments instead), rub-ons from the travel pack, a travel-themed quote (which I had to do on the computer), and of course, photos!

And this was from the same day– I was having fun with the collage tags. I took paper from some of the stuff I kept from the park, in this case a tide chart and a sketch of a starfish from one of the park brochures, and added them to the side. Then I stamped the title on. Then I used brown and metallic copper inks on it after I crumpled it up, and then added a compass stamp with watermark ink and brushed some metallic copper powder on it for a really subtle effect. There’s also sewing machine stitching on all of these pages… what can I say? It’s one of my favorite techniques. And easier than gluing everything.

3 thoughts on “scrapbook progress

  1. Those pages look great! And what a great ideas you have for the pages.I hope your wrists settle down soon. I find taking Vitamin B6 tablets really help when mine flare up.Can I also say, that denim patchwork your book is sitting on looks great too. πŸ™‚


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