The long-awaited picture post

A bit overdue… just didn’t get the pics till now.
In order of finishing:
1. The Green and Gray Dress

Allow me to explain the slightly uncreative title. It came from the fabric– green and gray were right next to each other in the color listing, and it immediately brought to mind one of my favorite Nickel Creek songs of that title. Anyway, I finished this on Saturday. The pattern was Butterick 5206. Made a couple changes– left the zipper out entirely because I didn’t need the extra room to get it over my head with the stretchy knit fabric, took in the waist about a total of 4 inches, and stitched down the front at the seam binding to keep the crossover bit from sagging. Also decided to do the sleeve and skirt hems as a rolled hem on my serger, which I think was the best solution because the foldunder type would have added too much bulk. The dress is very comfortable, and I love the fabric. And the look of the belt.

And here’s a view of the back.

I’m so happy with how this turned out–and the knit was painless to work with when I used the serger!

2. Something Blue

Made this on Sunday, while hanging out with N and watching It Happened One Night. It’s a slightly belated birthday present for J, whose birthday passed while she was on her honeymoon. Perhaps a bit lame of me, because I made it from beads leftover from her bridesmaids’ jewelry, but at least I know she likes the color!

3. Autumn Leaves Jewelry

The other jewelry set I made on Sunday. I really like how this one turned out, with the pre-drilled wood discs and the leaf charms. So this is probably going to end up being my general brown neclace for fall and winter, in lieu of the seashell one I tend to wear all the time when it’s warm.

And this isn’t done yet, but this is my stack of papers that need to have stuff glued on them and go into my road trip album. Two stacks, technically. One of them held in by a box. Yes, I definitely have my work cut out for me.

2 thoughts on “The long-awaited picture post

  1. Beautiful dress! I agree – having a serger really makes it easy and fun to work with knits! And good idea to stitch down the front at the crossover – I just made a crossover dress and didn’t think to do that. I may revisit that dress and see if I could make that work…


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