Friday Favorites, Episode 14

Found all sorts of fun this week, mostly in the form of tutorials. Yay!

First on the list is from Craft Leftovers, who posted a two part series on using used books. The first post was mainly sources, so I’m linking the second, which had links to project ideas. Including secret compartment books (one specifically meant to hold an iPod!) and how to turn a book into a cd case.

Creative Kismet had a couple of skirts that she made. The fun twist? They were made from thrifted fabric bags.

I never fail to find useful tips at The Sewing Divas. The standout this week was some advice on cutting hard-to-work-with fabrics, like jerseys and silks, with underlays. Also, the mention of pattern weights is inspiring me to buy some rocks from work and turn them into some.

Recycled Crafts had a link to a site geared towards father-child craft projects. I’m at an age where creating with my dad would have to involve being able to afford my own place and power tools, but I still liked this butterfly from recycled wrapping paper. Also, though I have no plans to enter the art exhibition that this post is about, I thought this mosaiced fridge was pretty darn cool.

Have to do some more shameless self-promotion– since Friday Favorites was posted early last week, I just missed noticing that I got a second mention at Crafting A Green World as the first runner-up in a mini-contest thingy they had for reconstructed clothing picture submissions. You should check out their crowned Queen of Upcycled Fashion– she had some neat stuff in her Etsy. (And as first runner-up, that’s got to mean I get a royal title too, right? At least a dutchess or something.) Also, they had a great post about trying to find eco-friendly fabric at the mainstream stores— albeit slightly depressing, seeing as how Joann’s is the only game in town. Pretty much literally, other than the internet. And in linking to them just now, stumbled across another fun link– an entire site dedicated to eco-friendly art supplies. This could be dangerous, for my wallet at least.

Found several tutorials I liked at My Half of the Brain this week. Hands-down favorite, these summer slippers. I think I’ll have to make a pair to stash in my flute bag for my Friday lessons– I have a couple students who I commute to their houses, and the Korean family of one of them requested that I not wear shoes inside their house. They also recently redid the room that I teach their son in, and standing barefoot on a hardwood floor for an hour makes my legs tired, so this might be just the ticket! Other projects I enjoyed: fabric envelopes, these felt strawberries (Lydia, these made me think of you after all your strawberry posts!) and this pen case (which I mainly picked because I have some fabric scrap pieces that I thought would work really well in this style of bag! Just never had time to figure out the pattern. And now I don’t have to.)

Ok, wrapping it up here…need to finish dinner, and my serger/sewing machine is calling me!

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