Adventures in knitwear

I love having a serger. I have never had such an easy time in assembling anything made out of knit fabric. It’s not done yet by any means– still have to add the zipper, the belt, hem the sleeves and skirt, and, um, probably try to tighten up the waistline a good bit. But this is the dress I’ve been working on so far.
I’m really glad I had that serger class before I made this. These were the most painless sleeves I’ve ever set in. No basting, no gathering, all I had to do was pin it in, start serging, change the differential feed between the dots, and voila!

Two perfectly set-in sleeves with no stretching, no puckering, and no basting stitches to rip out! Which, now that I look at it, you can’t really see in this picture. You can, however, see the gorgeous fabric that I got from, where else, Gorgeous Fabrics!


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