Friday Favorites, Episode 13: The Early Edition!

Yes, I know it’s only Thursday. But this is the weekend of J’s wedding and therefore tomorrow will be taken up with all of the bridesmaidish things like getting our nails done/rehearsal/washing my hair in preparation for getting it done/a bunch of errands like an overdue trip to the bank, picking up a few last-minute things at the drugstore like a new tube of mascara, and hopefully managing to get my dad something for Father’s Day (I think I’m just going to go with an ice cream pie, because I really have no time to actually bake him something, and my dad is one of those impossible to shop for guys). So it’s either tonight or Sunday. (Too bad, because Episode 13 on Friday the 13th would have been kind of cool.) And Sunday is when I’m hoping to be happily making a mess of the basement in cutting up my recent Gorgeous Fabrics purchase. So here we go…

My Crafting a Green World pick of the week: Recycled fabric paper. This stuff looks pretty cool, actually– a bit pricey ($6-10 for a 22×30 sheet), but I’m thinking it might be great for something like if I ever figure out the bookbinding thing so I can use it on the covers. I also have to mention their list of green craft blogs that they mentioned today– in part because it gave me the next couple of items, but also because I made the list!

The CAGW spinoffs:
1. The last link led me to Etsy’s Earth Tones blog, which in turn led me to this list of ways to reuse/upcycle “disposable” items. By no means comprehensive, but thought-provoking.

2. Another blog they had listed was Recycled Crafts, which looks like it’s largely a link blog (links to tutorials and places to purchase other crafters’ wares.) I’ll have to peruse the tutorials more closely, but looks promising. (Plus the fact that the server is called Craftgossip just makes me smile for some reason.)

ThreadBanger pick of the week: This tutorial for a studded belt. I wear a lot of belts. I have to, because I haven’t yet mastered the art of making pants that fit me, and the stores around here haven’t mastered the art of selling pants that fit me (at least not after I buy them and take them home and wash them, apparently. Grrr. Had that happen at least 3 times recently). So belt options are definitely good.

One of my biggest struggles in life is time management. How do I balance working two jobs, one of which requires a fair amount of driving, finding time to practice, finding time to craft, finding time to devote to other favorite pasttimes (reading, craft blog-hopping, etc), finding time to spend with friends, etc? So I loved this thought provoking post at Consumption Rebellion.

Craft Tutorials had a post that showed an easy way to make those cute ribbon-and-bead bookmarks that you find at bookstores and stuff. Definitely wanting to try this.

Since my recent fabric purchase, I’ve been following Gorgeous Fabric’s blog. A favorite post this week was Easy Ways To Ruin A Great Project — a good run-down of details that I wouldn’t necessarily think of that can often make or break an outfit. (The comments are just as helpful a read.)

Some more good advice came from Fiber Arts Afloat, who posted a tutorial on how to change a princess seam from coming through the armhole to coming through the shoulder seam. In doll-sized proportions. Hee!

Thanks to In A Minute Ago, I found a tutorial on how to make some neat soldered necklaces. Which means I’d have to learn how to use a soldering iron…guess I can always use that for some father-daughter bonding time over power tools!

Last pick of the week: As you all have probably figured out by now, I have this mild obsession with blatantly stealing clothing ideas from Anthropologie. What can I say… so far, it’s one of the stores that fits my style the best. And we don’t have one around here. And I can’t afford their clothes anyway. So of course I loved Koti*Koti’s blouse, which was also a blatantly stolen Anthropologie-based idea. I also liked how she made it her own (and more doable) by opting to do a paint job instead of tediously copying the embroidery.

Better wrap it up here… I have to DIY the non-nail polishing part of a pedicure tonight, since I got advice from several people (my mom and some friends who have had pedicures before) to forego the professional one tomorrow due to my toe injury. Risk of infection from bacteria in the water and their tools and all that. So have a fabulous weekend, all!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Episode 13: The Early Edition!

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. It’s funny, but in about 30 years your mom’s ’70s striped relic’ clothespin bag might be considered ‘vintage’!I’m going to check out the links later!


  2. Saw your upcycled dress on Crafting a Green World and followed the link over here to your site. I love what you did with the dress! You updated the look in a very clever way. Bravo!Cindy


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