Always a bridesmaid (bag)…

Finished this cute little bag last night. It would have been Monday night, if I’d basted the fabric and interfacing together within the seam allowance instead of right on the line! Just as a reminder, it’s from Vogue 7354. This is what it looks like undone…
… closed up and on my wrist…

And a view of the slightly funky lining to offset the silver outside (with the family cat posing– she decided to “help” me take my pictures). Incidentally, I really am glad now that I made the larger bag, because my camera fits in there with room to spare for my keys and a small wallet (which, the only one I have that I think will fit is the Hawaiian-print one from last summer’s road trip… oh well, J was my road trip buddy so it’s somewhat appropriate!) Anyway, this pattern was really easy to use, and has restored my faith in Vogue handbag patterns after this little fiasco.

Speaking of wallets…. since my money’s been zipped directly into the lining of my bag for a few months, now that I’ve switched to my summer bag I need an actual wallet again. The one I’m using right now is a tri-fold velcro deal that won’t stay closed when I have actual stuff in there (like the checks I really need to take to the bank), so I’m making a new one. From this.
This is a skirt from several years ago, when I was doing swing dancing on a quasi-regular basis. I haven’t worn it in a couple years, but the fabric was too fun to toss it. Also wasn’t a good one for refashioning into another skirt due to the bias cut. But as a wallet, I think it just might be a lot of fun.

I’m using this wallet pattern that my mom had in her stash– a bit bigger than what I’ve made before, but pretty much perfect for what I need since I have to deal with oversized paychecks on a regular basis. Spent last night cutting it out once I finished with the basting stitches, and this is as far as I got tonight because I’m too lazy to make double-fold bias tape at the moment. Had a little trouble with figuring out which direction I was supposed to fold the credit card pockets in, so I ended up folding and refolding and ironing about three times, but it’s all down now. Taking a little longer because I ended up having to cut interfacing for the entire thing– since it was a bias-cut skirt with a hard-to-see grainline (finely woven cotton), rather than rip a strip and lose cutting space, I just kind of winged it. But I don’t want to stretch things out badly, so the interfacing should hold it in shape. You can also see better why this fabric is so cool and I wanted to keep it now. Not only are there funky dragonflies, but they’re a slightly holographic metallic silver.


2 thoughts on “Always a bridesmaid (bag)…

  1. cute bag! so creative! and, i love your cat in the background!! i also meant to comment on your apron the other day,..SO ADORABLE! I love it….I’m going to have to have you make me something sometime soon 🙂


  2. everything looks fab, i just love that bag. i think i may pick it up this week. i don’t know why i just said fab, i never use that word. possibly because we are drinking bond martinis. which still doesn’t really make sense, as fab is way more austin powers than james bond.


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