Laaaaaaayla, got me on my knees….

Ok, not really, because I’m done with it. But the song lyric was too fun a title to pass up!

Anyway, this is J’s wedding gift (complete with the utensils in the pocket), which I (partially) made using BurdaStyle’s Layla pattern. I have no qualms about posting it here, because she’s not crafty at all and doesn’t even know I have this blog, not to mention she doesn’t spend much time online and is slightly preoccupied with her wedding, so there is no way she’ll see this beforehand! I would have done the potholders with their oven mitt as well, but I had issues with the DIY quilted fabric.
See how retarded and stubby the thumb looks? I used some scraps of heat-resistant batting that my mom had–two layers of it, because I wanted to make sure they were sturdy and wouldn’t cause her to get burned. That may have been a mistake, because even with trimming down and clipping the seams a ridiculous amount, I just could not get it so that the thumb could comfortably fit inside. So I had this bad oven mitt, and the cut-out one that I hadn’t sewn together yet….
…and this was the result of my improvisation. The pocket at the top is to slip your hand in, and then it would wrap around the bottom of the pan. They do tend to slip off if you open and close your hand a lot, but I figure she won’t be doing that while holding hot pans and such. I just hope she can figure out what they are…
And this is a close-up of the fabric. She loves rabbits (she has a pet one that was practically her baby before her fiance came along), and the kitchen stuff she registered for is this darker blue color, so this was perfect.
I also got this done over the weekend– oonaballoona, you’ll be happy to know that C and T seconded and thirded your thought on making the larger bag. It turned out to be a good choice, since this pattern only uses two pieces and no zipper. I do still have to cut out interfacing since I didn’t bring that with me, but it should be fairly simple to sew together (and hopefully I can start that tonight.) The plain silver side is the outside, the green side is where I hand-basted the underlining to it (cotton batiste, since I had that and I have no silk organza lying on-hand), and the print is for the lining.

5 thoughts on “Laaaaaaayla, got me on my knees….

  1. Hey Becky! Thanks for leaving a comment on my Friday Confession! It’s funny that you should mention scraps, because… Well, wait until you see this week’s Friday Confession! 😉 Actually, the REALLY funny thing is that I never put the two together until I read your comment! 🙂I hope you had a great weekend!


  2. Lovely gift to give – and it will be used often, and she will remember your gift for years to come. I bet they end up being the thread bare, worn out ones still in regular use 10 years from now.


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