Friday Favorites, Episode 12

I’ve been doing some browsing through new blogs this week, thanks to Mom2fur‘s alphabet blog list and a little time to continue digging through the Big List of Sewing Blogs, so not everything I have on here is actually from this past week. But it was still on the front page.

I’ll start with my Crafting a Green World picks of the week.

1. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that clothing reconstruction is not a new thing for me– though it’s been at an increasing rate in the last few years, really, I started reconstructing back in high school when I turned a pair of my brother’s unwanted pants into a messenger bag. But I did really enjoy this article, both for the reminder of the positive environmental impact of reconstruction, and for the inspiring clothing pictures.

2. I also liked their recycled paper bag seed packet buisness cards tutorial. Not that it would work for me in the music biz, but it could make a cute party favor or something.

3. I also have two picks from Fairy Threads this week. These flower pillows were just too cute to pass up, and I liked these insulated can wraps— great scrap-user, plus it used batting instead of foam, so it has the potential to be much more eco-friendly.

4. In A Minute Ago posted a link for this nifty online “color schemer“. I played around with it a bit, and it looks like a fun way to play around with color schemes for scrapbook layouts.

The last three are from Mom2fur’s picks.

5. This doesn’t really have anything to do with crafts, but the pictures make me laugh. Especially Iron Man.

6. This is really from last week, but I didn’t find it till this week so I’m counting it. This little folding tray from Marmadaisy is another great scrap-user (fat quarter size), and I like the origami look of it.

7. I also liked Sew Nancy’s branch decorations (made with real branches!)

Ok, seven seems like a good number. And now I’m off for Baltimore and bachelorette partying, so enjoy your weekend!


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