where’s my crafting time?!

Seriously… I haven’t done a thing this week, other than a few stitches on J’s wedding gift. I was gone on the backpacking trip till Monday night, yesterday I got done work/dinner too late, today’s been taken up with finishing getting my summer clothes out from under the bed and taking care of the toe I busted after I got back from the trip, tomorrow’s going to be another later teaching night… I did, however, get my fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics in the mail today. No pictures yet, but I love it and can’t wait to work with it. Which probably won’t happen until after the wedding, since I have a couple other things that are taking higher priority.

I am, however, going to have a good bit of crafty time this weekend, since C and I are going down to T’s place in Baltimore for another crafty hangout weekend thing. My plan is to finish J’s gift since all I have left is handwork, cut out my purse for the wedding (which I am going to be making entirely out of scraps from other projects and a zipper that I have, which means that other than the pattern that I bought, this bag is FREE!), and if I still have time, cut out a new wallet for myself. My mom had a pattern that’s pretty much exactly what I need, and I’m going to chop up an old skirt for the fabric. Not sure I’ll have time to get to that one since the purse will be a bit involved– I’m using the leftovers from a skirt I made a few years ago for the outside, but since it’s lightweight fabric, I’m going to underline it with the cotton batiste left over from the Spring Fever blouse and will need to spend some time basting those pieces together (which I’ll do by hand, since my plan also involves propping up my foot and sitting in a comfy chair and not hauling my machine up three flights of steps to T’s condo! I have to get myself over the limping by the wedding!) I’m also going to be lining it with the leftovers from the Azalea tunic— it matches and it’ll add a fun touch to it, even if I’m the only one who knows about it. I’m making the black purse that’s folded up like a fortune cookie, for those of you who are curious. I think. I may change my mind and go for the black and gold glittery-looking one… as long as I can fit my camera in the bag, that’s the main thing. Any opinions?

3 thoughts on “where’s my crafting time?!

  1. Those fabrics (your skirt & azalea tunic scraps) are going to make a GREAT bag! I love the idea of something colorful and fun on the inside! I hope your toe feels better soon!


  2. Ouch, a busted toe! I did that last year. My doctor told me to keep it bound up as tightly as I could stand and to ice it. I had to cut a hole in an old pair of sneakers and wear those for almost 2 weeks. Sure hope you heal faster than that.Oh, boy, a crafty weekend hangout! Sounds like fun!


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