Friday Favorites, Episode 11

First off, this isn’t really a blog thing, but I just have to say something about Gorgeous Fabrics. I’d heard of it before from seeing things made from their fabric on a few of the blogs that I follow, and when I couldn’t find anything good at Joanns’ in the way of knits, stumbled across it again while running searches on the internet. So I found this knit jersey on there (no link because it’s already off the site!) that I thought would be perfect for this pattern that I got recently. When I looked before work yesterday, there were 19 yards left. I placed the order last night. I’m glad I got it when I did, because the owner called while I was at work today and said that she only had 2 1/2 yards left– I’d ordered 3– and did I still want it or did I want to substitute something else? I called her back, and let me say, Ann was so incredibly helpful! I told her what pattern I was using, and she told me of someone she knew who’s making it right now and was able to get it in two yards, and also gave me a suggestion of how to lay it out so that I could maximize fabric usage. (She also gave me the 2.5 for the price of 2 yards!) I think I’m definitely going to be shopping there again.

Now for the rest of my favorites this week (linked directly to the posts because I’m running short on time…)

1. From Crafting a Green World: Someone apparently decided to build a seaworthy vessel out of discarded chopsticks. Which looked really good. But the main reason this is my CAGW pick of the week is because the writing style just really made me laugh. 😉

2. From Threadbanger: Not that I have a lot of places to put bulletin boards, but someday I will have my own place and then I will. And these were some neat ideas for boards made mostly from recycled materials. And apparently there is a building material made from recycled paper called homasote. I did not know this. But that’s pretty cool.

3. Craft Tutorials posted a how-to for candle globes. I’ll give you a clue– it involves balloons. And as any kid who ever tried to make a paper-mache pinata knows, crafts involving laying stuff on balloons is just a recipe for messy fun.

4. rostitchery made this cute little portfolio that she calls a “holder keeper”. Looks like there’s lots of uses for this sort of thing.

And with that, I am off to finish my week’s teaching, and then packing, and then off to the great outdoors to test my hiking skirt while backpacking this weekend. Ciao!

One thought on “Friday Favorites, Episode 11

  1. I’ll have to check that fabric site out. I’ve heard of it, too. It sounds like a nice place to do business.I sure hope you show us the fabric when you get it. I love that wrap dress!


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