a chocolate scrapbook sampler….

Since Mom2Fur asked, here’s a few of the blurbs that go with the chocolate wrapper scrapbook page from yesterday’s post. Bold text will be the original wrapper, italics will be my and C’s additions.

Send a love letter this week. I sent one to my cat. –C (since both she and I have love lives on standby.)

Sing along with the elevator music. Unless it’s Beatles dance remixes. –B (since there was this really awful mashup that we’ve heard on a couple different occasions going out, and it makes all three of us want to pull our hair out and/or puke.)

It’s definitely a bubble-bath day. –“MY BUBBLES!!” –Finding Nemo

Listen to your heartbeat and dance. –Just make sure it’s not the Electric Slide or the Macarena, since both of those are rather dated. –B

Smile before bed. You’ll sleep better. And brush your teeth–your new husband will appreciate it very much that you did. –C

Hey, why not? “We want…. a SHRUBBERY!” –Monty Python (Hey, it was random…)

Also thanks to Mom2Fur for the shameless plug for this blog. She’s been doing this neat series of blogs she likes, based on letters of the alphabet, and I was one of today’s picks for the letter S. Definitely worth checking out, as I’ve found some neat stuff through there.

It’s possible that I may have J’s wedding gift to show tonight… keep watching this space. 😉

One thought on “a chocolate scrapbook sampler….

  1. Too funny! But I have to cringe about the Beatles mashup. I can’t imagine what they did to that music to make you hate it so much. (Me, I love, love, love the Beatles!)


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