Should I be worried?

No, this is not an attempt at abstract photography. I finally spent some time trying to sort my photos with my paper for the road trip scrapbook tonight. Didn’t make it as far as I’d thought, mainly due to the fact that I agreed to work at the garden center, got scheduled for eight hours, ended up staying closer to nine (between getting there about ten minutes early and it taking 45 minutes past closing time to get all the last-minute shoppers out and close up the registers), and am completely exhausted.

I counted it up, and I sorted 15 pages (the white is the plastic dividers that came in the storage organizer thing). And only made it through approximately the first third of day 2 of the trip, which was the first day we spent in a park. Granted, the first part (Olympic) is probably one of the ones I have the most pictures of, due to the plethora of nature things completely different than what I’m used to (i.e. a temperate rainforest and a beach that’s made of more rocks than sand. That, and I sort of went nuts taking nature pictures at Ruby Beach, both because it was gorgeous and because I needed to kill quite a bit of time on my own while my traveling companion was talking on the phone to her now-fiance.) Anyway, the point is, I’m only on day 2 out of 15, and I’ve used 15/175 of the pieces of paper that I got for this. (I’m too tired to pull out and recount, but this is assuming that my original thought is correct and each pack of the original paper has 25 pieces. If I’m wrong, I have only about 140 pieces.) My original thought was to sort all the photos with one piece of cardstock as the primary background, and then use whatever was left to add to the backgrounds/embellish/etc later. Now I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I have enough paper even to do one sheet per page. And this is with me cramming as many photos as I can, likely at the expense of actual good design. Though I haven’t tacked anything to paper yet.

Also, I did repair the peeling end-papers for said traveling companion’s bachelorette scrapbook gift. So that is now officially done-done, not just done. Too tired to dig through the pics. But there will be some.


One thought on “Should I be worried?

  1. I think you will do a great job! The important thing is to get the photos where they can be enjoyed–out of envelopes. I frankly think some scrapbook layouts are so busy they forget to focus on the reason they are there in the first place–the pictures! It’s a wonder you could get anything done, with the busy day you had!BTW, thanks for the nice comment on my little octopus! LOL–now I’ve got Ringo Starr singing Octopus Garden in MY head!


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