Moms, patterns and wedding projects

Spent the afternoon with my mom, watching the Sci-fi channel’s Eureka marathon and sewing. A fitting activity, since Mom is the one who taught me how to sew. I made BurdaStyle’s apron pattern and started on the matching oven mitts for J’s wedding present. The apron sewed up really fast, though I did have to adjust the neck strap. And I got one of the four pieces for the mitts quilted. No pics yet– I want to wait until I have the set done.

Mom was also kind enough to help me look over some patterns that I’m thinking about buying– Joann’s is having a sale this coming weekend on Butterick and McCall’s patterns, and for some reason, I’m in the mood to make some dresses to just wear on an everyday basis during the summer. A bit odd, I guess, but I do like wearing skirts in the summer, so maybe it’s not that much of a stretch. Anyway, these are the patterns I think I’ve settled on.

I’m still debating about this last one.

Oh yeah… I just realized this is my 200th post!


2 thoughts on “Moms, patterns and wedding projects

  1. Well, congrats on your 200th post! I love the patterns. That jumpsuit is very ‘seventies’ and totally awesome. (Wait…I think totally awesome was an 80s term. I’ll say ‘groovy’ instead).I modeled a dress I designed for my husband and he said I looked cute in it. So I guess I’ll be making more dresses, too! I’m like you–I like skirts in the summer. (I hate shorts because I have stumpy legs.) A dress really isn’t a far cry, and maybe would be easier, too. Can’t wait to see what you do with the patterns you buy!


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