Survey time!

Borrowed from rostitchery.

1: what are your three favorite fabrics?
a. Cotton, because it’s really easy to work with, and makes very comfortable clothes.
b. Anything with a silky or velvety texture–not always easy to work with, but I love the way it feels against my skin. (That’s my inner fantasy heroine/Ren Faire lover coming out, I suppose….)
c. Bamboo. I’ve only made one thing with it, but I love it. I wish it was more readily available.

2. what are your three least favorite fabrics?
a. Gore-tex. You can’t pin it, you can’t mark things or you put holes in it, if you mess up you have to toss it because you get too many holes in it. I never want to make rain gear again.
b. Sheer fabrics. Mainly due to hemming them and how hard it is to get a nice-looking seam. But I like to wear them, so I’ll keep sewing with them anyway, plus it might be better now that I have a serger!
c. Wool. Because it makes me break out in hives.

3: what is the most unusual fabric you’ve ever sewn?
Hmm… Probably a sheet of craft foam. I used it to make leather-looking armor for some Lord of the Rings-inspired plushies.(See Faramir and Eomer.) Of course, I hand-sewed that.

4: what is the most unusual thing you’ve made out of regular fabric?
Tough call there. I guess I’d have to say either the baldric and boot tops that I made out of vinyl for my pirate costume, or this one vest I made in high school. It was a vintage 70s pattern that I made with snakeskin-printed vinyl. (And now that I think about it, this is kind of a depressing question– I thought I was a little more outside-the-box with my crafting!)

5: if you could sew with just one fabric for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I guess I’d have to say cotton– it’s versatile, it comes in a bunch of different weights, you can get it almost sheer as batiste and velvety as cotton velvet/velveteen. All I’d be missing is my silky stuff.

6: what is the most special piece of fabric you’ve ever bought and used?
When it came time to do my final solo recital for grad school, I decided I was going to make my dress (because sewing was stress relief from my classes.) One of the pieces I had originally planned to do was called Medieval Suite by Katherine Hoover– I ended up not playing it (almost every piece I originally picked got switched out with something else!), but my original idea for my dress was based on that. I got a piece of forest green brocade off of an eBay fabric store that was woven with a Celtic cross-type motif, and used that for the bodice of my dress–a corset-style front with some lacing detail, and then a full skirt. Fortunately, my dress still ended up fitting the theme, because what I switched Medieval Suite out with was a piece that was supposed to depict an area in Scotland (written by my school’s composition prof for flute and piano– she’s an immigrant from Scotland, with the accent to boot!)

7: where do you get most of your fabrics?
Joanns’, simply because it’s pretty much the only game in town when it comes to apparel fabric. (There’s other stores for home dec and quilting, but that doesn’t usually help me much.) I do also buy things online on occasion, or buy clothes at Goodwill or other thrift stores specifically for the purpose of tearing them apart and using them for fabric (see the last finished project!)

8: what are the last three fabrics you used?
Cotton, for the last three projects. (The thrifted shirting for the blouse, quilter’s cotton for the nursing cover, and flannel for those pillows.) To branch out to other fabrics, I also used a polyester satin-type fabric and a polyester microfiber for the Azalea tunic.

9: if you could buy any fabric you wish, what would you buy and what would you do with it?
In my dream world, I would get some real silk– either dupioni or shantung, since I really like the texture on them. Since this is my dream world, one of my long-time dreams was to sew my own wedding dress. I don’t think that’s going to be happening, though, since the last time I had anything resembling a date, the general population at large was still into boy bands and I was still waiting for Return of the King to hit theaters.

10: what advice do you have for seamstresses about buying fabric?
Don’t limit yourself to the back of the pattern envelope–just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean it won’t work. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts on what you want to use. If it doesn’t feel right under your hand, it won’t feel right on your body/as a quilt/whatever you’re planning on using it for. If you’re unsure how to work with it, there’s resources all over the internet. And don’t be afraid to mess up. There will always be more fabric.


2 thoughts on “Survey time!

  1. I practically live in cotton, LOL. And bamboo is gorgeous–so soft! I’ve never worked with it, but I have sheets made from it and they are so comfortable. You are right, I wish it was more readily available, too!


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