The Doolittle Blouse, part 5: The part you’ve all been waiting for!

Ta-daaa! I finished it yesterday afternoon–waited to post in hopes that I could wear it today and get a better picture of it, because once again, it fits me better than the dummy. (Which is good, I suppose.) But today was colder than expected, and I got home later than expected, and now it’s getting dark, and I don’t take good pictures of myself anyway.

Now, as you may recall, this started out life as an average, normal, slightly on the side of boring men’s shirt from Goodwill. Less than $5. I wanted to find a link to the Anthropologie shirt I took the idea from so I could brag about how much money I saved, but apparently it’s sold out because it’s no longer on the site. But I know it was at least in the $70-80 range. I like mine better anyway. For one thing, it’s not pink.

And here’s the back. It really doesn’t bunch up like that around the waistband when I’m wearing it, at least from what I could tell from trying it on yesterday.

I really am proud of the recycling job on this. Almost every single piece of the original shirt was used, and there weren’t very many scrap pieces left over. I left the collar completely as-is, other than removing and later re-sewing a button. The buttons are all the original ones from the shirt. I even used the cuffs, as the shoulder bits. (Just one layer of it, though.) I do wish I could have made it a little longer in the front, but with the way I had to lay out the top with the original shirt fronts and using the tops of the sleeves as the lower part of the front, it just wasn’t possible to. It is a little longer in the back, though, to avoid any overexposure issues. (Easier to tug down in the front.) I still adore the sleeves. And I really like the sort of retro ’40s/nautical feel that the blue and white stripes give to it, now that it’s all together, even though it makes me think of Rosie the Riveter ads.

I think I might still try to get a pic of me wearing it at some point, and stick it up here, because I’m not entirely happy with the way the dummy shot presents it. But at least now you get to see it.

Also, coming soon to a craft blog near you: Bachelorette scrapbook pics!


9 thoughts on “The Doolittle Blouse, part 5: The part you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. it looks great! and i found a pic of anthropologie’s doolittle blouse by googling those three words and clicking the “cached” page that google found. yours is better šŸ™‚


  2. That is incredible! šŸ™‚I can barely even wrap my mind around making such a beautiful and unusual design without a pattern – but to manage to do it by recycling an existing shirt is just unbelievable! –Gwen


  3. That is so cute. I also have been thrifting fabric as a matter of fact I found the Simplicity pattern for the “jump dress” for 10 cents at a thrift store. I changed it so much to get the dress to look like the orginal but I used it as a guide. that pattern is opp and I have seen it on ebay for 65.00 so yeah for thrifting and again your shirt is so darling and you did a great job. Thank you for the comment:)


  4. The results are marvelous…. will love to wear it. well, generally do my apparel shopping at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Boden<>.


  5. Amanda

    I loved this blouse at Anthropologie (so much so that I bought it – I used to work there so the discount made things sort of with in buying range), and I love that you’ve made your own even more!


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