Class day!

When I got my serger back in February, the store said that I’d get one free class on basic serger use as part of the package. It took a couple months for them to get their new class schedule out, but I went this afternoon. And let me say, it was totally worth it, if only for the instructor (Loretta, who was so nice!) informing me that the problem I’d been having with loops hanging off the edge was not actually due to the looper tension– the blade had been cutting too far into the fabric. So she showed me how to readjust that, and it made a huge difference. I also learned several other cool tricks– clockwise from the top, how to gather fabric (also useful for edge-finishing/easing sleeve caps quickly, she said), rolled hems (no more tiny seam allowances on sheers, hurrah!), curves like necklines (also how to adjust the serger to get knits to lie flat– I really need to make myself something with knits so I can try it!), and how to do corners, both inside (like for V-necks) and outside (like for doing napkin edges and such).
And here’s a closeup of the rolled hem.
Another fun story from the class– I was the youngest one there (by several years, for the most part), and I’m wearing my Beatles logo-bling shirt (the logo done in those iron-on gem-type things, metallic silver so it’s very reflective. And no, I did not make this one.) So after the class, one of the women asked me if I like the Beatles, I told her I did, and she told me that she’d gotten to meet Paul McCartney and shake his hand (back when Linda was still alive.) So that was neat.
The other thing I did today: made a gift for one of my pregnant friends, who’s due to have the baby in a couple of weeks. I’d wanted to make something for her anyway–some women at my church had a baby shower for the girls at my old Bible study who were all pregnant with their second-or-later child (this is my friend’s fourth), just so they’d get a little something. I couldn’t go, and she’s the only one of the four that I’m really friends with (and she still goes to my current one anyway.) So this past Sunday, when my current Bible study had a surprise baby shower for another of the pregnant couples (this is their first), she got this nursing cover that looked kind of like an apron with an overalls buckle that had some stiff plastic in the top so she could look down and check on the baby without potentially flashing people. This particular friend of mine, who was sitting next to me, said she thought that was neat, and she’d have to see if she could find one to buy for herself since she wouldn’t have time to make one. (She sews too, but like I said, this is her fourth!) So I told her that I had been planning on making something for the baby girl anyway, so if she wanted me to, I could try to figure one out and that would be her gift. She really liked that idea.
So this is what I ended up with, as modeled by my curtain rod. I sort of used the tutorial by Made By The Mama Monster that I linked in yesterday’s favorites, to get an idea of the size, but then ended up kind of winging it because I wanted it to be bigger and I’d already got fabric to line it with (was afraid the lighter-colored fabric that just looked so much like her style would be a little too see-through for public use, you know?) It was really easy– basically two rectangles, one about 1.25″ taller than the other, that I sewed together on three sides like a pillowcase, then folded the taller side over the lining to make a casing, sewed the strap in along with the casing, inserted the boning, sewed up the other side, topstitched the whole thing, and added the overalls buckle.
And a view of the buckle…
…and of the lining. So now I can give it to her tomorrow, and she’ll have it for when the baby comes.

3 thoughts on “Class day!

  1. I’ve never seen anything like that ‘nursing apron.’ Wish they’d had those when mine were babies, LOL!I’m glad you got to take a class for the serger. If I ever get one, I’d definitely have to take a class myself. I’m not sure I could ever figure them out!


  2. oh my goodness!! Everyone has those nursing aprons out here!! I think they are SO cute and they come in cool, crazy, retro patterns. I LOVE them! And, the crazy kicker?! They’re like $50 out here to buy one and they only sell them at cute, expensive boutiques!! So,….you know what that means, right? When I have a baby, I’m buying one from you!! 🙂 So fun!!


  3. Wow – that nursing apron is great! I’ve got a couple of friends who are pregnant – I may have to try one. 🙂I’m glad you enjoyed your serger class and got the blade issue sorted out – I have taken a couple of serger tips & techniques classes at the Quilt & Sewing Expo when it comes nearby each year, and always learn a lot. One of my favorite things is to use the rolled hem setting to make pinstripes. Have fun with your serger! 🙂–Gwen


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