The Doolittle Blouse, part 4

Haven’t gotten much sewing in over the last few days. I did spend some of Sunday and Monday nights making bridesmaid necklaces, though. I’m not going to post a picture until later, nor am I actually finished any but one of them– the bride wants us all to get together the weekend before the wedding to try on all the dresses/accessories and make sure everything’s in order there, so what I suggested to her is that I wait to put the clasps on until then so that I can make the length custom for each girl (since we’re all different sizes.) She liked that idea, so I just have really long dangly pieces of chain on all but the initial sample. This, however, is obviously not a necklace, but the Doolittle blouse. The orange stitches are where I basted a line to know where to fold to make the facing that the buttons will go on. (I literally pinned the blouse on myself and then basted the line while I was wearing it!) The side with the buttonholes is going to be a bit tricky, as there’s not quite enough fabric to do a folded-under facing, so I may need to cobble something together from what scraps I have left. I did get the button side facing sewn tonight– had just enough time to do that. It’s not as neat as I’d hoped it would turn out, though– the crossover is right on top of the gathered area, so there was just no way I could get the waistband folded over in the right place and not have some of the gathering get caught in the stitching for the bodice part. My comforting thought is that it’s going to be under the buttonholes, and therefore no one but me will see it.

I also wanted to show a picture of the finished sleeves, because I absolutely adore them. Probably the most genius thing I did with this refashion was to use the bottom of the original sleeves for this. That’s the original buttoned sleeve detail.


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