The Doolittle Blouse, part 3

I’m still getting adjusted to my new work schedule, and so the last two days I was simply too drained to even think about sewing by the time I got to the end of the day. But I did manage to squeeze some time in today– rather than stress myself out (after all, this is supposed to be fun!) I decided to take the approach that it’s better to do smaller, more manageable chunks of a project. So tonight I added the band and the bottom. It looks kind of huge right now on the dummy, and after trying it on myself I think I may need to eventually take the sides in a little more. But I’m going to wait until I get the sleeves on, which I think will be the next project. But I think I might need to figure that out to get the angling right in the front (especially since I’m hoping this will work out to be a blouse I can wear without needing a tank top for plunging neckline coverage!)


2 thoughts on “The Doolittle Blouse, part 3

  1. ah, the ever ready tank top… i have many blouses that i’ve used that old standby for! it’s inspiring to see you go slow & do it right, i have a habit of speeding through cause i just want to WEAR it… i’d like to say i can’t wait to see it… but instead i’ll say i CAN wait in support of taking time!


  2. HIThank you so much for stopping by. I am trying to keep up a blog one for myslef and hopefully to help and meet others with like interests. Your work is beautiful and I like the sewing in small chunks idea:) but with the Jump dress I am on a time frame but regualr sewing I might try to do that since I think I always have to finish a project so I never start.Thanks again I hope you find your time chunk today:)BettyJo


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