Friday Favorites, Episode 6 (and a few other things)

I only have two Favorites today, mainly because the new job is sucking up a whole bunch of the time that I would normally spend reading craft blogs! I’ll adjust. But I’m having to skim large numbers of posts in the meantime. (Incidentally, thank you to the people that I linked who took the time to comment on the posts!)

So without further ado:

1. I can’t remember exactly which of my usual blogs I found this link from at the moment. But to go along with last week’s DIY cosmetics theme, I found this post at Indie Fixx that told how to make your own hand cream. Which, if I can find the materials, just might have to be tried, because I’m working at a nursery/garden center, and though I don’t do too much work with the plants directly other than labeling them for purchase, I can already tell the dirt is drying out my hands more than they normally would be this time of year!

2. As promised, Craft Apple put up her tutorial on gathering. I still really want to make this purse!

A few other notes for the week:
1. Sewing while totally exhausted from working longer hours than I got used to again is a bad idea. I have taken out almost everything I’ve sewn on the Doolittle Blouse knockoff this week–first the dart on one side because it was pointing up instead of down, and then the last time I worked on it, I sewed the front and back to the shoulders the wrong way, so that the neckline and the armholes met up in ways that nature did not intend. Will be putting some more time in on that this weekend, hopefully, and possibly tonight. It depends, because I have friends coming over for craftiness tomorrow and therefore need to clean some stuff up, and also because…

2. …a friend in my Bible study asked me if I could sew a couple pillows for a last-minute “baby shower” they’re throwing one of the girls on Sunday. She’s supposed to call me any time now so I can go pick up the fabric. It’ll be a quick project, I’m sure, but I still need to get it done by about 5:45 on Sunday night and will be losing most of the day tomorrow for…

3. …scrapbooking! Because C and I are putting together the album we’re making for J. And T is coming over too, but will likely be crocheting while we scrap.

Speaking of scrapbooking… I’m getting in one of those irritating moods where I want to scrap and sew at the same time! So hopefully tomorrow will help get it out of my system, even though it’s going to be a quick-n-simple album. But I’m thinking I may have to go back to my goal of doing one layout every week or two. And I got this book while I was picking up adhesive today– the title caught my eye because I’m a huge fan of The Emperor’s New Grooove (best Disney cartoon ever, hands-down, even though I’m still also partial to Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. But those two don’t make me giggle hysterically like ENG. Incidentally, the book referenced this movie on the first page when it was defining “groove”, and then I knew I had definitely picked a winner!) Anyway, trying to figure out my scrapbook style is something I’ve been struggling with for awhile now– I probably wouldn’t think of it, except more often than not, I finish a page and think it still needs something. So I’m hoping to improve that, and thinking if I can define my style, it might help me to push it a little further and get “finished” pages. I’ve pretty much skimmed through it but need to read it more in-depth.

According to the quiz at the front, I’m pretty much borderline between “eclectic” and “classic”. I can see elements of both in my style– I use a lot of clean lines and normal-sized photos, but I also like to add funky stuff and bright colors in there and try different techniques. (I think I have a dash of what they defined as “anything goes”.) The “classic” kind of surprised me. But I’ll keep digging and see if I can figure this out, and get some better pages up here!

One thought on “Friday Favorites, Episode 6 (and a few other things)

  1. Thanks for the pointer to the tutorial on gathering – that looks like a cool technique! Good luck with all your projects – pillows, scrapbook & blouse – this weekend! 🙂–Gwen


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