The Doolittle Blouse, part 2: An Approximation

Since I found a new job (which will be starting to morrow) I decided to take advantage of free time in the middle of the day to work on this blouse. (Particularly since, by the time I get done work tonight, all I’ll want to do is eat and sit in front of the computer like a bum.) Anyway… I did use that pattern to cut the armholes…

This was the original yoke, which is turning into the “belt”…

I cut the sleeves out of the bottom of the sleeve (nifty detail, plus room left from the top fabric to add to the bottom of the front…)
…and this is an approximation of how the whole thing will look, minus the sleeves. This is still kind of a rough cut, and I’m not quite sure how the one side will work because I’m running into buttonhole facings… might need to add a panel and pretend it was deliberate. Obviously I’m going to line things up and fit it more nicely when I sew it– this is more so I can remember what piece goes where!

One thought on “The Doolittle Blouse, part 2: An Approximation

  1. Wow, just glanced over the last few posts. You’re really creative! I think this is going to be awesome when you’re done, and nobody will ever know it was once a man’s shirt. (But you should tell them so they can gasp over your cleverness!)


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