Standing Still

I’m at a bit of a stuck point on my shirt. I wasn’t totally happy with the look of the shrug, and after some experimentation and trying on things already in my closet over the shrug (and a second opinion from my mom, who’s used to my sewing questions), we came to the conclusion that it’s the texture of the grey. It needs more contrast. Style-wise, what looked best over it out of what I had was a chunky-knit cardigan (though the color of the one I have is all wrong). So I figure I have two options– try to find some kind of knit at Joanns’ (since I need to go anyway and exchange some paper for my scrapbook) and sew from scratch, or try to thrift something grey and sweater-like that I can reconstruct. The latter would be my preference, but it’s a case of a) being able to find something that’s the right color and not wool and b) whether they even have sweaters out still, since it’s spring now. But I’m going to be going there this weekend anyway with some friends, so I’ll add that to my small mental list of “things to look for so I can totally destroy them with reconstruction ideas, mwahaha”.

So, rather than start a new project and leave this one unfinished, my brain is content to simply ponder the things I want/need to sew in the upcoming months. Here’s a sampling…

1. I really want to attempt something along the lines of Anthropologie’s Doolittle Blouse. I just love that assymmetric button thing. The only pattern I know of is one from Burda, and I saw a review on BurdaStyle from someone who made it and was completely unhappy with the fit, and I think this could be a really fun reconstruction anyway. So I’m hoping to find a ginormous men’s button-down at Goodwill that I can tear to shreds for this cause. (Or, if I’m extremely lucky, store leftovers that are two of a kind!)

2. Years ago, when I was in high school, I made myself a messenger bag out of a pair of wale-less corduroy pants that my brother no longer wanted. (My first reconstruction, really.) I hauled that thing around for almost a decade– it was the perfect size for stuff like city day trips and outdoor summer music festivals. The lining was hand-sewn in the bag, so I had to repair it probably a dozen times or so. After Purple Door this past summer, I was finally forced to admit that this bag has finally begun to fall apart beyond repair. So this is the other thing I want to find at Goodwill– a pair of sturdy pants that I can make another bag out of! I need something for rock concerts! (I still have the original bag so I can use it once more for dimensions.)

3. I need to make myself a purse for a wedding this summer that I’m a bridesmaid for. I have some silver satin left over from a skirt I made a few years ago that will go perfect, since our shoes are silver. It’s very lightweight though, so I’m going to need to do some serious stabilizing. (Probably in the form of fusing it to heavier-weight fabric before even attempting anything with it.) The challenge: I need to make it elegant and compact, but still large enough to hold both my car keys and (more importantly to me) my camera! Along with other bridesmaid necessities like cash for the hairstylist, lip balm for touchups, and bandaids for the blister I’m more likely than not going to end up with from my shoes. 😛

4. A few years ago, I had several weddings to attend during the summer, so I made this dress, hoping I could wear it for all three. (Different crowds.) Unfortunately, the dress was horribly unflattering, as you can see, and I didn’t have time to make another one until before the third wedding. I liked the fabric still (despite the pink) and so I didn’t want to toss it, so it’s been in the recon pile for awhile. Now that I have a serger, I think I’ll be able to deal with the sheer much easier (hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to do those rolled hems on the bottom and then I won’t have to do the folded-under-pain-in-the-butt-on-sheer hems!) So I’m hoping this will be the year that this dress becomes wearable again. There’s actually two layers of the sheer, due to the assymetric, so I think I’m going to try something different for me and try to reconstruct it using an actual pattern. I’m going to check out a few of the major pattern companies (especially Vogue) before I settle for sure, but at the moment I’m thinking that BurdaStyle’s Cate might work rather nicely.

I’m not just thinking of sewing, of course– the scrapbook bug has bitten me again, and just in time since another bridesmaid and I are going to be putting one together as a bachelorette gift for my friend who’s getting married this summer (kind of a last look back at her single days, since she had a rather whirlwind romance). We’ve already done the photo scanning, I did the necessary editing, they’re getting printed now, and we’re going to sort them out and see what else we can get done on Monday. I’m also pondering some of my own scrapbooking, of course, and I have about five more necklaces and six sets of earrings to make for the rest of the bridesmaids (I’m doing our wedding jewelry), and I have an ATC sketched out plus one in progress that I want to do…

But none of this tonight. I’ve been fighting off a headache all afternoon, so I’m just going to sit here with the tv and the recipe pile I’m organizing– brainless, and I made good progress with it earlier so I want to see how much else I can get done here.

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