Inquiring minds want to know…

Since Mom2fur and Sharon wanted to know what happened with the yoke, first of all, sorry for taking so long. I didn’t have a chance to do anything with it until tonight.

Had a bit of an adventure trying it on and trying to hold up the straps, and discovered that they were indeed too short. But since I’m too lazy to rip out the whole thing (and a bit concerned about messing up the main fabric), I decided to improvise.

I was hoping for one of those “strap tie” looks– basically it’s just a tube the width of the strap, stitched onto the edges. I knotted the ends of the threads before clipping too, and I’m hoping that will be sufficient to hold it– I thought it would look nicer if I didn’t backstitch.

So this is my Azalea shirt so far (and I hope it’s not really as assymetric as it looks! I have got to figure out a way to stabilize my perpetually leaning dummy.) Just for the record, this isn’t what the belt is going to look like–I just wanted to cinch it in to see what it would really look like, and to give me a guideline for draping the shrug. I want to make that before I make the waist tie just to make sure I’ll have enough fabric.

So I’m thinking maybe something like this for the shrug– basically all I did was tack it at the waist to form a sort of shawl with “sleeves”. I’ll probably have to modify this to make something like actual kimono sleeves, so that it doesn’t slide right off my arms in unflattering ways while I’m playing my flute or something. Right now, it’s just kind of sitting there. I do like the shawl collar with this drapey shirt, but need to figure out a simple way to make it. I also think I want a wider belt than what Burdastyle uses– theirs looks like it’s maybe 1.5″ wide tops. So I’m debating whether I want to do a long wraparound tie, sort of like a kimono obi, or something that laces in the middle a little more like a corset. Leaning more towards the tie, but it depends on how much of the solid grey I have left.


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