Oh baby!

After a rather nightmarish trip to Babies ‘R Us to buy a shower gift this afternoon, I’m determined to avoid that place as long as I possibly can. I hate the combination of their registry system and the layout of their store more than words can describe right now. That being the case, that puts me in a new crafty dilemma.

I have two friends who are currently expecting (well, a lot more than that, actually, but this one specifically concerns two of them.) The first woman is one I’ve known for several years from my Bible study– she’s going to have her fourth child in about a month or so. I got invited to a joint baby shower for her and three other women from church who are all pregnant with their second children, but I can’t go because I don’t get done teaching until after it starts. I still feel like I should give her something though. Out of the four of them, she’s the only one I feel like I’m close enough to put the time into making something, plus she’s crafty too so she’d probably appreciate it more. But since it is her fourth, and her third girl, I’m not sure what she would actually need at this point (unless I just made something little so the girl could have something new of her own.)

The other is my best friend from high school, whom I’ve kept in touch with and still see a couple times a year, when she and her husband come out here to visit her family. She’ll be having her second child around the end of the summer. And I definitely want to make her something, but I don’t know if she’ll be having a boy or girl (and she’s not planning on finding out until he or she is born), so I’d have to make her something gender-neutral.

Not being a mom myself, or anywhere close to being a mom, or even someone who spent very much time babysitting as a teenager, I’m finding myself at a current loss for ideas, despite the number of people I know who have kids. (I’ll admit it… since most of the moms I know apparently forgot how to converse about topics other than their kids, I’ve developed a rather bad habit of zoning out once the kiddie talk starts. Probably not the best thing to do… I guess it’s just a single girl survival tactic.) So consider this a general plea for help…any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Oh baby!

  1. You could make some nice flannel burp cloths and/or wash cloths with flannel–your serger would come in handy with those. Of course, this would just be a small gift. For something ‘bigger,’ maybe you could make a dress with a matching bonnet. Don’t make it in newborn, though–the kid will outgrow it too fast. If you check out the blog “Sew, Mama, Sew” there are a bazillion tutorials there. I’m sure there are some baby gift ideas.Oh, and you think you’re a geek for looking up “Hobbit Food”? Join the club. We love LOTR here. And don’t even get me started on Star Trek…


  2. Hi Becky!Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know that you like that website for bloggers – I’ve found some really useful stuff there too! 🙂So, my favorite gift for expectant mothers is to sew a couple of buntings. I use Simplicity 5720. It’s easy and quick and adorable. Here is the url of a pattern review I did of this pattern, that includes a couple of pictures: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readreview.pl?readreview=1&reviewnum=24321Whatever you decide, I’m sure your friend will love it! Have fun!Gwen


  3. no kids here, but lots of nieces and nephews along with a few friends with kids. I usually make a blanket (since I crochet). But there’s always bibs (put something cute on it), burp cloths, toys, cute hats, etc. I always liked doing things in bright rainbow colors which struck me as very “kid-friendly” whether boy or girl. One thing that I learned from making blankets was that the store bought ones are sooooo huge. But the little one I made fit right in the car seat. Other parents were envious since they would have to fold and fold their blankets.


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