Chop chop!

Even though it’s only about 10 minutes until the official start of spring, it seems like winter, Delaware-style, is wanting to linger around. It has gotten a little warmer, thankfully, but it’s been kind of rainy for the last few days. (Typical February/March weather around here– cold and rainy.) So it’s putting me in the mood for happy warm-weather clothes.
Now that I’m done with the Kaylee, moving on to that lovely piece of cotton voile I got during my trip to NYC’s Fashion Week. After much deliberation, looking through my pattern stash, and getting some input from my mom, decided to go with a blouse instead of a tunic. It’ll be pretty sheer, but I can wear a cami underneath easily enough. So this is going to be view D of New Look 6407. This is it all laid out (not quite the way the pattern called for– it seemed like it would work fine without having to fold it two different ways for the selvages). And I got it cut out, along with the interfacing, and all the dots and such marked with thread. So it’s all ready to start sewing, hopefully tomorrow.
This fabric may also become the basis for my yet-to-be-made new banner. It’s just so happy and springy and happens to have all three of my favorite colors to wear (blue, green and brown)!

2 thoughts on “Chop chop!

  1. i love that floral print! i also loved checking out your nyc fashion week pictures! πŸ™‚ uh oh—so sweating like a banshee doesn’t really work for me talking about my husband, who is a man? πŸ™‚ he he. oh well!


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