Kaylee Tunic, and ATC #3

First off, thanks to those of you who offered pointers for my banner dilemma. (Especially that Blogger for Dummies site– as you can see, now I don’t have to limit my “finished projects” because I have scroll buttons!! Sorry…. too many times hearing Strong Bad’s “Scroll Buttons” email song on Homestar Runner, heh heh.) Anyway, I will have a spiffy banner up at some point. But first I need to take a picture for it. Which means either I need to clean up my sewing area, or I need to wait for happy springy things to take pictures of. Either way, it could be awhile since winter decided to dig its heels in for one last go at us, and I happen to enjoy making crafty messes far more than cleaning them up.

I finished up with my “Kaylee” tunic yesterday. I’m rather pleased with it, actually, despite the fact that the fabric was a pain to work with because it snagged so easily. I do need to figure out how to get a crisper edge on the lower hems (I guess I didn’t have enough heat when I pressed it), but I think it definitely has the look of Kaylee’s jacket without being an exact copy– more wearable for every day. And when I tried it on, it felt like it’s going to be a comfy shirt to wear–a bit of a looser fit than I usually go for, but if the seams were any tighter I wouldn’t be able to raise my arms. So hopefully the long darts and the length will be slimming enough for me.
I also did the third of my “Crane Wife” Decemberists ATCs tonight. This time the text is from “Crane Wife 3”. A little messy on the one side since I originally drew the line too far over, but I really like the crane. I started on another ATC tonight too, this time a magazine collage one, but I’m not going to show it until it’s done.


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