The Sidonie Hiking Skirt, Part 4 –now with pictures!

Hurrah! It’s working tonight! So now I can finally show my process a bit.

After ripping the “muslin” apart, this is approximately how my main pattern pieces looked. This is the inner wrap, the back….

and the outer front.

So yesterday I got the skirt pieces sewn together and topstitched, and the buckles and velcro tabs all sewn on…

…and the outer yoke sewn together/topstitched.

Tonight’s progress: Skirt and outer yoke sewn together (that took awhile, because it kept puckering on the inside edge. I think the yoke was a bit too big. It’s still not perfect, but since it’s inside the wrap it won’t be seen so I’m not going to sweat it.) Also sewed together the fuzzy inside yoke pieces and got that sewn onto the outer yoke at the waist edge. I also edgestitched the inside so that it would have a nice clean line. The other slightly time-consuming detail was the belt loops (I decided, for the sake of my baby pattern-drafting skills, that I would just do belt loops instead of an all-out casing like the original skirt has.) But you can see a closer-up view of those on the next picture.
So now all that’s left (which will most likely wait until Wednesday, since tomorrow’s back to my usual later teaching schedule) is to finish sewing the yoke down (at the sides, and the seam between that and the skirt, though I’ll likely have to do the latter by hand), determine placement for the snap and velcro at the waist (actually, I may need to do that before finishing the yoke so that the velcro stitching won’t have to show on the outer skirt), add the cargo pocket and hem it. The hem may have to become a little more in-depth, though. I realized once I sewed the skirt pieces together that I completely forgot that I was going to add some length to the back. So what I may end up having to do, if I try it on and it’s too short, is cut an extra band for the bottom, sew that on to add some length, and then pretend I did it on purpose as a design detail. 😉


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