The Sidone Hiking Skirt, part 1

No pictures today, though I did take a bunch. K. did bring me her skirt yesterday, so I spent awhile studying it and taking all sorts of measurements after trying it on to confirm that yes, it did fit me. I didn’t get very far in the pattern modification due to spending part of yesterday with several friends belatedly celebrating my birthday, but I spent about the last 2 hours working on it tonight. The reason for no pics is I’m going to throw together a quick mock-up to test it out before cutting into the pricey/hard-to-get wind/water-resistant nylon stuff, so I want to see if it works or if I have to redraw things before dealing with the how-to!

Anyway, the quick run-down of attempt #1:

  • Used just the front and back skirt pieces, completely ignoring the lining and waistband.
  • Used the bias-cut front as the basis for a yoke for both the front and the back, since on the hiking skirt, the yoke is cut on the bias and the lower sections are cut on the grain. I’m guessing for ease of fit/movement.
  • Eliminated the back seam for the lower back skirt, using that back piece for it.
  • How it stays closed: A velcroed tab on the inner wrap connects to a piece of velcro near what would be the side seam (on her skirt, there’s actually two side seams from an inserted panel, but I’m just going to do the regular side seam and add a zipped cargo-type pocket on top of that.) A piece of velcro and a snap close the top. On the outside, there’s a piece of twill tape connecting a buckle to a closure near the side skirt seam. In other words, with that look, it would also be good for a punk-looking wrap made out of plaid with heavy metal buckles or something. Too bad I’m not punk at all (and that I have no plaid) or I would so test it out with that look.

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