When inspiration strikes like a piano falling from the sky

I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else right now. Thanks, BurdaStyle.

The scenario: A mini-challenge sewalong contest. I have to use the Sidone skirt pattern (alterations strongly encouraged), and I have until March 15. So I think the Desira pants will be put on hold. I may still do that sewalong, we’ll see how the time goes.

I saw it at first, and was trying to figure out what to do with it. It’s a shorter skirt than what I normally wear–generally I go knee-length or longer (I love long skirts), and a skirt closer to mini-length probably wouldn’t be good for either church or teaching. So then I was thinking maybe I could turn it into a wrap skirt and use it for a beach cover-up. Then it hit me– make a hiking skirt.

I know it sounds weird, but my hard-core hiker friend who got me into backpacking swears by them, as do several of her hard-core hiker friends that I met on one of the trips. I can see how they’d have their advantages– for one, nature calls in the woods would be so much easier. (The disadvantage would be the ticks would have an easier time getting to my legs, but there’s ways around that too.) Plus they just look so darn cute. I mean, look at this!

The Sidone would adapt to it very well, I think, since it’s a basic A-line skirt. In theory, making it a wrap would be easy. If it’s geared towards moving, the shorter length wouldn’t matter– it would be longer than shorts. The one problem– I’m not sure what it would look like on the inside, to keep it from flapping open when walking. I emailed K. and asked her if she could bring one of her skirts on Sunday so I could look at it, so hopefully she’ll get the message. (Oh, wait, she just emailed me back and thinks it’s a great idea. So I’m good there.) I already have fabric, from my failed attempt to make zip-off hiking pants (I’d gotten enough for two pairs, so I have some black quick-dry nylon-type stuff that hasn’t been cut into at all, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it since the pants pattern was a flop.) I probably have nice outdoors-weight zippers from that too. And maybe outdoors fabric will be slightly easier to work with, now that I have a serger and can take care of the fraying before it starts. So I’m quite excited about this project, and eager to get started! Even if I can’t deal with the fabric itself till Sunday, I might be able to take care of a few starting things, like printing out the basic skirt pattern and seeing if I need to make any fitting changes. And maybe drawing out a cargo pocket.

I’m still planning on working on the Kaylee tonight, though, since I can’t really make any serious pattern decisions until I see what I’m working with– whether it’s a pleat or a real wrap or what.

Also, a quick comment on part one of the Runway finale. So far, Jillian’s collection is my favorite. The details are exquisite, like with that one jacket. I hope she brings some more color in, but since she worked for Ralph Lauren and they’re geared towards those dull-colored timeless classic looks, I have my doubts. Christian looks like he has some good stuff, but that ruff he had for that one jacket looks like the model’s chest would have been attacked by the ghost of Elizabethan collars past. (Not in a good way.) I knew Chris was in color as soon as he said he was adding human hair to his clothes– creative, but kind of gross. And it was refreshing to see some tailoring from Rami, though that one coat was way over the top. Maybe it’ll be different, seeing it in context. And I’m eagerly looking forward to Wednesday!

Edit, 10:28 pm: I did work more on the Kaylee tonight. Got the side seams in and the collar sewn on, though I still need to stitch down the inner collar. Had a bit of trouble with the invisible zipper– I decided to try a technique from the 7/05 issue of Threads to sew an invisible zipper into an already partially-sewn seam. The good news is, there were no bumps at the end of the zipper. The not so fun news was that I actually ended up having to sew a third row of stitching in, with the invisible zipper foot– it was supposed to work with just a regular zipper foot, but I couldn’t get it close enough. I think I’m going to have to work with this technique some more–maybe try the second row of stitching with the invisible zipper foot instead of the regular zipper foot and see if that solves the problem.


One thought on “When inspiration strikes like a piano falling from the sky

  1. I wasn’t the least bit surprised that Chris was booted, but I was sad, too.I looked over the final three’s collections and counted off what I liked and didn’t like. It’s really a toss-up, although Jillian and Rami were ahead of Christian. I have a strong feeling Christian is going to take this, though. Good luck with the mini-challenge! A hiking skirt is a great idea. I bet it will be unique among the entries.


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