I dream of sewing…

Literally, in this case. Things have been extra-busy with work and such lately, plus I went out of town all last weekend, so I’ve either been too busy or too tired to craft at night. All I’ve done since the last post is quickly serge up some cloth pad liners that I’d already had cut out. I miss it. It’s starting to seriously affect my subconscious.

Example: Last night. I dreamed of fabric shopping. The fictional fabric store had a nice feature, in that it had a computer with internet access, so I was also looking up patterns on BurdaStyle to decide what I wanted to make with the fabric. I think my brain had a couple of its wires crossed, though… I remember looking at a coat (kind of a mashup of Victorya/Jillian’s avant-garde punk coat and a long, huge-collared version of the Talea coat and contemplating whether to use a blue/green/black/white mod-looking swirly print for it (really, a lot like this but way less pink), and then this plain solid gold tweedy fabric that I wouldn’t even look at in real life because it would probably be made of wool and thinking about making the Zoe from it. Now, if I was conscious, I would definitely be thinking the mod for the Zoe, and probably a solid for such a funky coat. But I’m still rather amused–if I can’t sew in the real world, at least I can sew in my dreams!

I am plotting though. Like when I can continue working on the Kaylee shirt. I was going to tonight, but was way too tired and it was really cold in the basement anyway. So I’m thinking Friday night is looking like a good option (since tomorrow will probably have too much teaching.) I’m also going to be working up my second BurdaStyle project soon, I think… they’re doing a sewalong for the Nichola pants starting on Saturday, and since I was wanting to make that anyway, I think I’m going to jump in this time. I’ve never done a sewalong before, really, other than sort of participating in a fall/winter clothes one on Craftster.org (that basically consisted of me spending two months on that coat). So it’ll be interesting to work on the same pattern as several other people. I’ll have to print out the pattern to figure out if I need to make any fitting alterations, but at first glance, I really want to add some pockets to the front. All good pants should have pockets. If nothing else, now that I’m using my cell phone as a clock instead of a watch (mainly because I’ve been too busy/lazy to go out and get a replacement battery), I need somewhere to keep it. I’m also still wanting to reconstruct a copy of that Nottingham Tee from anthropologie (which, sadly, is now off-site so hopefully my sketch will suffice), and I have to do some cleaning up of my sewing area! Oh yeah, and fit some scrapbooking in at some point. I’ve been kind of wanting to get back to it, particularly my road trip album.


2 thoughts on “I dream of sewing…

  1. I hope you find some sewing time this week! For me…watching “Project Runway” is a big inspiration. Did you see it this week? Just in case you didn’t, I won’t reveal whether is was Rami or Chris that was chosen–except to say I wasn’t the least bit surprised.


  2. Hi, again! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I honestly heard the death bell ringing for poor Chris after the human hair thing. A little too ‘Jeffrey Dahmer,” if you ask me! Although you can’t help but admire his innovation and originality. He’s surely going places.


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