The retrotastic iPod cozy, part 2, and….

…an early happy birthday to me. Since I was off the after-school teaching job again for President’s Day, my mom and I went shopping. Now that I’m into my simplifying/wanting less stuff kick, there was really only one thing I could think of to ask them for that would be fun and useful. So this year I got….

Ta-da! It’s a Baby Lock 450. The price was right around what I was thinking, it has the free arm to make it easier for me to sew things like armholes, according to the in-store demonstration it’ll sew both knits and wovens just fine, it does the rolled edges like I was hoping for sheers, I get a year of free service and a free 2-hour class there on how to use it, and it looks like it’s a lot easier to thread than my mom’s. (Which, by the way, we discovered is actually kind of broken. It’s now in the shop.)
I think the big challenge for me is going to be figuring out how to get the tension just right. So far I’ve just tried on a basic stitch, and it took me about 30 minutes of adjusting, serging, readjusting, serging, consulting the pictures in the manual, etc. But it looks like this is a good starter stitch. Next step: rethreading it in colors I can actually use on my current project and testing it out on leftover pieces of the brocade-like fabric I’m using on the Kaylee shirt. (Now that I think about it, trying to learn how to use this thing on different fabrics just might eat up my scrap problem. 😛 )
In other news, here’s my finished iPod cozy.
It was entirely sewn by hand, but I think it turned out pretty good in spite of that. Actually turned out to be a good project for practicing that on. To make it stronger, I actually sewed the binding on both sides. This has two pockets in it– one for the iPod itself, and one to store my headphones.

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