A thank you, and a lot of pictures.

First of all, thanks to those of you who gave me some suggestions for the scrap issue. I’ve signed up for my local Freecycle chapter– even if I end up not getting rid of the scraps themselves through it, it’ll probably come in handy for when I go through my bead stash (I probably need to get rid of some stuff there too and that might be a little easier to give away), as well as my bookshelves (where I also need to do some purging.) In the meantime, I have come up with a few ideas, though I’m likely going to wait until I have a chance to really go through/organize my fabric stash so I can fully see what I’m going to be working with.

Secondly, here’s that promised better picture of the North Rim tunic. Two of them, actually.

Not the most flattering picture on me, unfortunately–I swear my stomach didn’t look that poofy when I was wearing it! but it was the best I could do with getting my mom to take the picture. Mental note to self, next time make the zipper longer so I can put it on the dummy!
Thirdly, no pictures of this one yet, but I made some progress today sewing on my Chinese-style shirt. Shockingly, I have a name for this project already– calling it the Kaylee shirt, because the color and the styling of it sort of remind me of this jacket that Kaylee wears in the pilot episode of Firefly. Besides, I’ve already made a shirt reminiscent of one of Inara’s, so why not?

Will shortly have a picture up of my new iPod cozy… it’s entirely finished, minus sewing on some velcro, which I’ll probably do tonight.

But I’m going to load a bunch more pictures now– I realized I never put any pics up of the scrapbook pages I made at the crafty weekend with T and C about a month ago, so here’s a few of my favorites.

From an all-day surprise for a friend’s 25th birthday, themed around the Series of Unfortunate Events books since one was set to release on her birthday. (Of course, we did fortunate events. 😉 I’m really happy with how the sort-of photo collage turned out.

Pages like this are why I save my paper scraps! (They’re a little easier for me to figure out what to do with!) I started it, then realized I really didn’t have that much stuff to add to it. Then I got the idea for the tree branches and leaves, and that made the page not suck. Which is good.

This one’s not entirely finished… I want to go back and add band reviews in the booklet, since basically every artist/group we heard at this festival was listed in it somewhere, and that’ll be more fun than trying to cram it on the page. But I was so happy to find paper that went with both my major “embellishments” (which was the program and wristband) that still kind of fit that whole summer music-fest vibe.

The tree paper is awesome. It’s kind of shiny with a hint of glitter. Anyway, since I inevitably end up with a ton of pictures of trees and water and stuff every time I go backpacking and I didn’t want to not display them, I made another photo booklet directly on the page. (The yarn-tied booklet in the top left-hand corner of the spread.)

I had fun with shimmer powder and “perfect medium” markers on this page. (And another photo booklet, since costume parties inevitably have a ton of photos. I made a lot of photo booklets that weekend…)
This is actually only half the spread– even with a photo booklet on the second 2-page spread, I needed 4 pages! But I used the same paper strip thing on both. Another paper I was really happy with, since it somehow captured all the gorgeous fall/blue sky colors of the day!

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