Shiny shirt!

I need a better name for this one than “shiny shirt”. Hmm. I think I’m going to call it the North Rim shirt, because the combination of the browns and greens kind of reminds me of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which was a lot greener than I expected. And I’ll justfy the blue/purple parts because that was the color of the sky as we watched the sun set, a distant thunderstorm across the canyon, and the stars come out. So there we go. Anyway, I finished the hemming and ripping out the obvious sleeve cap basting tonight, so it’s done. I don’t have a very good picture of it yet, I’ll have to wait until someone in my family can take it on me, so here’s a picture of the downstairs pool table (which generally doubles as my mom’s and my cutting table with the ping-pong top on) wearing it.

Being pleased with my progress, I decided to go on to another project, though I decided to hold off on the shirt reconstruction I want to do (because it’s on knits, and my mom and I are going to venture up to a local sewing machine store on Monday while I’m off my one teaching job due to the school closure for Presidents’ Day to look at sergers– I’m strongly considering getting one for my birthday. We’re also going to take hers to get fixed. Either way, I’d prefer to wait on the knit shirts until I have help from a reliable serger.) So instead, I cut out this shirt from this fabric I got on Sunday. I’m making the longer short-sleeved view (the off-white one in the top right-hand corner), mainly because it takes far fewer buttons and therefore I may be able to find one in the stash to use for free. I still need a zipper though. I got this fabric with this pattern in mind, but couldn’t find it in the pattern books to determine what notions I would need, so I couldn’t get it on Sunday. Anyway, I figured this fabric would be perfect– it was with the Chinese brocades, but it’s a much lighter weight than those tend to be, and a bit drapier. Plus it doesn’t have the metallic weaving, so it’s a little better suited to an everyday look. Plus I love the color. So I may swing by Joann’s and pick a zipper up after the office tomorrow. Not that I’ll likely have time to sew on it before Sunday. Maybe on Saturday morning… we’ll see.


One thought on “Shiny shirt!

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you finished it. I think it was worth the effort, don’t you? It’s so pretty! I went to the Grand Canyon about 30years ago. It really is beautiful, isn’t it? I didn’t go down into the canyon, though. I’m not that ambitious, LOL! (Not even 30 years ago.) A friend of mine did it, and as she and her party were starting down, a man who had come back up again warned them: “Go back! Go back while you still can!”I think it was beautiful enough from up top. And it sure had the pretty colors you have in your new top!


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