fabric scraps and pangs of conscience

I’m having a bit of a storage dilemma here.

I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat, especially when it comes to craft supplies. As a result, I currently have quite an accumulation of fabric pieces left over from projects that are big enough that I could potentially make something out of them, but too small to make anything like another article of clothing. The most obvious solution would be to make bags out of them, but the thing is, I really don’t need any more bags right now. And I think I’ve finally completely abandoned the Etsy idea–I’m trying to simplify my life, and further complicating my craft time by feeling the pressure of making things to sell is not really simplifying. Plus that’s just one more source of income I’d have to keep track of my taxes for, and my taxes are complicated enough right now.

The other obvious solution is to just throw these pieces out. But I feel totally guilty about it–not just because they’re large enough to make things from, but because all I can think is it would be contributing to the already huge landfill and just sitting there for years and years. Having become far more conscious about things like this over the past year or so, I don’t want to do that. But I also don’t want to leave them sitting around my house just for the sake of keeping them out of the landfill, either.

If my life situation were different, a solution might be easier. But I still live with my parents, and therefore lack the space to use these in home decor projects. I’m hoping that in a few years I’ll finally be financially ready to look into getting my own place, but that would still require storing them for a few years. And I certainly don’t have kids to use these to make projects for them (and don’t really have close enough friends with kids to pawn it off on making stuff for their kids.) So the question is, what is the responsible thing to do with these scraps? I had the thought that I might be able to incorporate some of these scraps onto scrapbook pages, since I like to sew on my pages anyway, but that only solves a small portion of the dilemma. Do I keep them just in case I can use them someday? Or do I throw them out?

This was so much easier before I actually started thinking about social and environmental impacts of my choices. 😛


5 thoughts on “fabric scraps and pangs of conscience

  1. oh my goodness,..i can so relate. I’m exactly like that, only with paper!! I have ziplock baggies full of paper and ribbons that I refuse to throw away because I’m convinced they will come in handy at some point!! what about sorting them out and donating bundles of them to goodwill or something? i used to buy huge bags of yarn at goodwill, so maybe they’d take it. Or,..you should make a quilt!!!! that may be too much work though. 🙂


  2. Oh oh, I wish I lived near you so i can take them off you! Unfortunately, the environmental foot print of sending it to Australia would be huge! heheFreecycle is a good idea. Other ideas:– fruit and vegetable bags (when you go grocery shopping, you can put it in the bags rather than using the plastic bags)– branch out to fabric jewelry… Check out this site: http://kristaraak.com/boutique.php?m=2&s=12 She makes the most amazing fabric jewellery and seeing your work, I reckon its well within your skill and creative flair to make similarly amazing jewellery.– Ipod covers, mobile phone holders, key rings…– um… patchwork something or quilt for your bed?? I don’t have any idea of patchwork/quilting though and I’m not sure if its something you like to do..– Oh oh, hang on, how ‘bought opening your own shop and start selling stuff you made out of fabric scraps?! I’d buy some for sure!!


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