A whole lotta updating to do…

  1. The shirt. I spent a good bit of Saturday working on it– got the sleeves sewn in and the neck binding on. Did a little more work tonight, and sewed the side vents, and a hook and eye onto the back binding (despite my best efforts, it ended up a little uneven. And obviously higher than the zipper–an inevitable byproduct of having to wait to put the sleeves in to see how to cut the neck.) I also serged the shirt and sleeve hem allowances to make it easier to turn up and sew the hems, which I’ll be doing by hand. Once that’s done, then I can finally get a picture of it.
  2. Speaking of handwork, last night I finished reinforcing the seams on the green skirt where I serged in the black fabric. (Silly me– I should have guessed that the serger alone, which has been having problems, wouldn’t hold it alone, and it was pulling already on the first and only day I wore it. But I was in too much of a hurry to have pieces cut out so I could sew it on my crafty day with Nicole.)
  3. I also worked a little bit on the iPod cozy, though admittedly that’s been getting back burner to my clothes handwork.
  4. On Saturday night, I went over to my friend Julie’s house. I’m making the bridesmaid jewelry for her wedding, so we spent a couple hours fiddling around with my bead board, the beads she had already purchased to go with our dresses, and a few extras I’d brought from my stash to get an idea of a look. I had to laugh–one of the things I’d brought over was these plastic pearl-looking beads. (Not that I’d use plastic in a bridesmaid necklace–that was just all I had look-wise. Not even sure where those came from, anyway, because I’m certain I didn’t buy it!) We were trying to decide between a look using those and one with the larger of the blue crystal bead sizes that she’d purchased, since apparently white roses are going to be part of our bridesmaid bouquets. I’m naturally kind of iffy on pearls anyway (they’re a bit old-fashioned for my taste, unless they’re in a really funky context). So I couldn’t help being relieved when she stated that “pearls make me cringe.”

    Anyway, we finally settled on a look, and I purchased the rest of the materials I’d need yesterday since Joanns was having basically all its beads on sale (that’s where she got her beads from.) Along with some beads for myself. And, um, three pieces of fabric. My justification for the latter was that I had Christmas gift cards to use, and I bought stuff to make short-sleeved tops I can wear for work, which I legitimately need.

    Ok, ok, so one of them is actually a sleeveless top, because I’ll be basing it off of BurdaStyle’s Azalea. But since I’m planning on making it with only the outer layer to keep it light, I bought enough extra of the fabric that I’ll be using on the solid upper part/belt to make a shrug to go over it as well, and that way it can be worn for both spring and summer. Or summer in air conditioning. Which also makes me cold. Now the one challenge will probably be figuring out the zipper– I’m not sure if my fabric will support one, and I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to pull the fitted part over my head without one. So I think I’ll have to mockup that part.


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