Making it work!

Sooo happy– the shirt is working! I got the front and back all sewn together. Won’t fit on the dummy (same problem as the shirt I fixed–with the waistband, apparently the zipper isn’t long enough to separate it so that it’ll go over the shoulders. But in both cases, they go over me just fine!) so no picture tonight. (Tried taking a couple of myself, which just don’t show it well.) But it looks well-fitted at the waist now, and the brown breaks up the print nicely. So sleeves are the next part.

And now, the Project Runway review of the week! (Once again, blogged as I watch. And continue hand-reinforcing my stripey skirt.) I can’t help wondering if kids are involved in this one, based on the screams.

Final 6! If I had to make a prediction, I think the final 3 will be Rami, Christian (just to annoy me)…and based on recent improvements, I think Sweet P just might make it. Jillian’s too close to a nervous breakdown, Ricky’s been too flat most of the time, and Chris is a little hit-and-miss.

Ok, I was wrong about the kids. It’s female wrestlers. Ugh. Well, Christian wanted fierce…

Well, Chris and Ricky seem to have the immediate advantages– Chris is used to out-there outfits, and Ricky has all that lingerie experience he keeps yakking about. And haha, they have to work with spandex! On second thought, Rami might not survive this one. Skintight isn’t his forte.

“If I design the wrong thing, she might bodyslam me.” –That just might be one of my favorite lines of the season.

I’m really having trouble picturing Christian’s jacket in a wrestling ring, unless it gets shredded by a chair. Sweet P’s having a bit of trouble–cutout stars on the butt? In skintight spandex? I hope she decides to leave that Diva suggestion in the scrap bin. She’s worried. I don’t blame her.

And Chris asks the question of the day: What would Nina Garcia say about pink spandex with rhinestones? Let’s see: So far, seems like Jillian, Chris and Christian have the best of it. Sweet P has greatly improved (even Ego-boy admitted it–could it be he’s softening his fierceness a bit? Nah.), and Ricky… I’ll be surprised if he survives the episode.

Runway show time! Ugh– I have two piece swimsuits that have better coverage than this. Every single diva has her butt hanging out of the bottom of her shorts! And now judging time.
Jillian first– sexy tomboy look. Diva likes it, she kept in mind that it needed to be practical for the ring, even though the tights make her look like an anime schoolgirl. Michael likes it.
Rami: Flirty girl next door. Diva thinks it would work in the ring. Nina hates pink spandex, what do you know?
Christian: Biker rock chick. Diva loves it, the judges find it fierce.
Sweet P: Tried to work with the “robe and reveal”. The judges are worried, and think she should have done more.
Chris: Though they admit it’s not a stretch, they seem to really like it and its “expensive” look.
Ricky: Nina declares it a bathing suit, not a costume, and the pimp guys…. who the heck are these judges? I must have missed that somehow.

Decision time. The winner is Chris– now there’s a shocker. This was right up his alley. Jillian and Christian are still in, as I thought they would be. Rami’s still in. Auf’ed is Ricky. (I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.) I am glad that Sweet P gets another chance, though– she’s kind of been the surprising dark horse of the competition.


One thought on “Making it work!

  1. I was sad to see Ricky go, because he seems like such a nice guy. But I have to agree it’s a surprise it didn’t happen sooner. I think he has tons of potential, but still needs to work on his art.So now my favorites (at least as far as personality) are Sweet Pea and Chris. Maybe because I’m 52 and they’re close to my age, LOL? No, really, they seem ‘nice’ and I always opt for ‘nice.’ That wouldn’t make me a very good judge, since this is a challenge about talent, not personality. Christian is too cynical and Jillian seems so ‘down’ half the time. I think Sweet Pea did a nice job fixing up her boring outfit–but in the long run, it was still boring. I did like Jillian’s ‘boy’ look.But all in all, this was quite a challenge! I wonder if they will ever do children’s wear? I can see a mother/daughter or father/son challenge.


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