So much for my easy project.

Worked on the shirt again yesterday. I’m beginning to think this was not my best fabric/pattern combo choice ever. So here’s how it went:

-Sewed in the darts for real. Discovered that for some inexplicable reason, my sewing machine is now breaking off the thread but picking it up again a little later to finish the seam. Wondering if it caught some kind of disease from Mom’s serger.

-Sewed zipper in the back. Decided to try a technique I saw in Threads and very carefully hand-basted it in first. Which turned out to be a good move– still a little off center, but given how slippery the fabric is, it could have been much worse. The topstitching on that is actually one of the best lapped zipper jobs I’ve ever done.

-Cut some bands of the brown charmeuse, sewed in, serged edges. The serger, after Mom fiddling with it again, isn’t working badly at the moment, though I’ve pretty much given up on that one needle staying threaded.

-Made the tieback pieces of charmeuse. I was quite happy with how that part turned out, actually.

-Sewed shoulder seams, serged edges. Thankfully, by some gift of foresight, I only basted the side seams, because when I tried it on , the waistband/tieback area looked awful. It was way too low.

-Took out side seams, decided trying to unrip the serging would be awful, simply folded/pinned/sewed over my previous stitching to move it up about 2 inches. Fortunately, the tunic-style shirt was quite long to begin with, so there will still be sufficient length at the bottom. If I can figure out the next part…

-Basted side seams again. Tried it on again. Discovered that though the placement of the waist bit is much better now, it’s bubbling out oddly in the front to make me look like I have a belly I don’t have. And folding out oddly underneath of that. It looks ok from this angle…

But from this one you can see the weird way the belly balloons out. Wondering if further taking in the side seams will be sufficient to fix this– I had about 1.25″ seams right under the arm, due to some experimenting while I was trying to make a second set of darts last night, but tapered that out to 5/8″ before I hit the waist. May need to change that. I wonder if I can make it the wider seams to the waist and still get it back out to 5/8″ before it hits my hips? Because I suspect I’ll need it there.

So, yeah…. so much for an easy, follow-the-pattern project. Though I really have no one to blame but myself, because I picked the wrong pattern. Probably should have just sucked it up and bought a more kimono-style pattern or something.

Not working on it today though– I wore my new green church to church this morning, and noticed the seams where I joined the fabric strips are already beginning to pull a bit. Should have known better than to trust a problemmatic serger to hold it together for long! So I think this is going to be a good time to use up some of my online Netflix viewing time while I reinforce that. (Think I have to do it by hand since it’s all constructed, and I am NOT ripping up this skirt to do that! Wanted to practice my handwork anyway…)

2 thoughts on “So much for my easy project.

  1. Hmmmm…trying to figure out what you can do. You sure seem to be having a lot of problems with this, although I think in the long run it could be really pretty. Is there any chance you could cut it off at the waist (leaving seam allowance, of course) and make a new skirt part for it from another pattern? What if you did a slightly flairy skirt in that awesome purple?


  2. Hi, again. Thanks for stopping by my blog!I hope that you do find a solution for this. It’s almost like it needs darts at the waistline, but that means taking off the sash first. Well, good luck with it. I’m sure you’ll figure something out!


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