The retrotastic iPod cozy, part 1

I took a break from my shiny shirt yesterday. For one thing, it was the season premiere of LOST and that is the one show that I have a great deal of difficulty working on the sewing machine or cutting out or anything like that during. It’s too easy to miss important details. The other thing is, I noticed a tiny chip in my iPod screen while at work yesterday– I’m pretty much carrying it with me at all times, between using it for my car stereo and at the office, and I guess something in my purse knocked it funny. So in order to avoid anything else like that, it’s time to make it a case. I’m hand-sewing it in its entirety– partially to work on my handsewing skills (I purchased the latest copy of Threads while getting filler fabric for the shirt, and with the more couture techniques I’m interested in trying, I do need to work on my handsewing–there was an article about a few different stitches so I was trying that out a bit), partially because that would give me the greatest control over the size (easier to change if it was getting too snug), and partially because I can handsew and watch TV much easier than I can on the machine! I’m making it a two-pocket cozy, so I have a pocket to keep the headphones in. I made some really good progress on it last night too– I cut a rough bias binding to hold all the edges together, and I’ve got it about halfway sewn on the inner edge. (Sewing both sides separately, because it’ll look better, and I’m hoping that will reinforce it more.)


One thought on “The retrotastic iPod cozy, part 1

  1. I also recommend a clear screen protector. 🙂 I believe the “cut your own” weren’t that expensive. (I scratched my husband’s first iPod just by carrying it in my pocket.)


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