I’m working on revamping my shirt while watching a rerun of the Levi’s challenge on PR. And, once again, loathing Christian. He’s just so bloody whiny! Though I have to laugh at his comment about how deconstruction “just isn’t how fashion is”. Because deconstruction has become a staple of my wardrobe. So he and his permanent bedhead can just bite me. I’m really beginning to suspect Christian’s going to win, though. Which really annoys me. I’m also beginning to suspect that Jillian won’t last much longer. She’s beginning to move into the realm of mental breakdowns. And the claws are beginning to come out on everyone else.

Past the point of no return on the top now– I just cut off the lower portion of the front so I could make darts. Here’s hoping my idea works!

Update at 11:13: I tried putting in a second set of darts on the dummy. Tried it on myself. Looked awful. Currently have the shirt pinned around myself–literally–and just took out another pinning of the second set of darts. It’s making the neckline go wonky. Obviously, this silky fabric was not meant to have such structure. But I think it might work to just use my tieback idea to get the fit I want. Now to just figure out the neckline (which was going wonky anyway) and actually add in the charmeuse. And, um, get myself out of these pins.


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