A crafty week in review

I haven’t been a very good blogger this week. So here’s the rundown.

Monday: Finished reconstructing my reconstructed green shirt. I suppose I should say repairing. Anyway, it looks really good, I think, minus a few tiny bits of previous seams that show up on occasion (the problem with velvety fabric). That, and a little tiny bit of bunching on the lower back zipper section where I attempted to close up the back seam. I may need to redo that. No pictures yet, because for some reason now, I can’t get it on my dummy. (It fits me just fine– a bit snug around my ribs/waist area, but it was always like that. But it wouldn’t go over the shoulder section on the dummy, and I didn’t want to force it lest I undo everything I already did.) Only problem with it now is, with the edges all zig-zagged for reinforcement, it makes it a wee bit itchy inside. 😦 I’m hoping that’s something that a washing will cure.

Tuesday: Don’t think I did anything that day.

Wednesday: Had originally planned to cut out a skirt. Discovered I didn’t have enough fabric to make it the way I wanted it. Cut out my Butterick 6831 shirt instead. Also watched Project Runway, and rather than rehash it all in a longer post, I’ll just say I loved that they had to chop up jeans to make things. And I’m surprised that Ricky outlasted Victorya (even though I really didn’t like her jacket this week.) Also don’t think Ricky should have won– yes, it was well-fitted, and better than his other garments, but it just didn’t do it for me. I absolutely loved Sweet P’s dress though. I’d be seriously tempted to copy that. Yes, the hippie 70s vibe does it for me.

Thursday: I was determined that this fabric should be a long skirt. In order for it to look right, it pretty much had to be cut on the bias. So I went to Joann’s in hopes that they had more of it. They didn’t. Fortunately, I had already found some black tone-on-tone brocade type fabric in my stash, and several calls to my mom from the store (she was at home with the fabric) later, came up with a solution. I got McCall’s 4258 , which is long and bias-cut, but had a more narrow skirt view, and some olive velvety rickrack.
Then I cut down the centers of the narrow solid black stripes, inserted the brocade, and began to serge it back into a longer piece of fabric.
Friday: Finished the serging, and ended up with this. Doesn’t look too different from before, but it added just enough length that I was able to cut out the front and back pieces. Plus add a little extra at the bottom so I could have an ankle-length skirt. I cut the facings out of the leftover black.
Today: My friend Nicole came over and we had a Shrek trilogy marathon. She worked on some artwork while I sewed. The good news is, I got the skirt all sewn together. I added the trim to the wider black stripes, and will need to figure out what to do with the leftovers. Had one of the easiest times with an invisible zipper that I’ve had yet. The more annoying part was working with the serger, in which one needle persistently came unthreaded. I finally gave up on that. So the facing is in, and I’m letting it hang so it can stretch out for hemming purposes. I did try it on, and it fits pretty well– a little big at the waistline, as the size persistently is on me (the next one down is too snug), but it settles well enough as a hiphugger skirt. I do have some bubbling as it curves out over both hips, and will need to do something about that (at first I thought it was just the zipper, but it’s on the other hip too). I also began some work on the Butterick shirt, but didn’t get too far– I decided to add some tiebacks, and the bias strip is very, very ripply. I may need to recut that one. But that’s basically all I did there.

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