a scrap-happy weekend

Such a good weekend, both in terms of productivity and friend time.

Got about 18 1/2 scrapbook layouts done (2-page spreads for all). Ran out of page protectors to put the finished products in. Nearly ran out of refills for my tape runner (had 3 that I just brought, went through over 2 of them.) Doing the journaling in advance was such a good thing.

Also went to the thrift store, watched a lot of Doctor Who/The Dresden Files/Peter Pan/Robin Hood: Men in Tights/the Disney Atlantis movie, went to the movie theater and saw The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, drank lots of tea, had a lot of fun with the girls. They both got a lot of crocheting done too.

Too tired to finish that half a page tonight. But that’s ok. I’m feeling totally accomplished.


2 thoughts on “a scrap-happy weekend

  1. oh,…i LOVE that feeling when I finish a TON of scrapbook pages!! the best part is when you place the finished products in the protective sheets…ahhhh,…pure bliss. 🙂


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