Project Runway 4:8: "On Garde!"

Haha, a challenge inspired by hair. I love that. And team challenges are always fun to watch because of the explosions. And throwing a last-minute “second outfit” challenge in was brilliant!

Keeping my review simple tonight, since I spent the majority of the show working on journaling for the scrapbooks, and so I’m sticking with just the results. (Writing this just after the runway show.)

Jillian/Victorya– LOVE that coat. Jillian rocked that. Love that whole plaid punk/Victorian thing she’s got going. And the detail is incredible, like the back of Victorya’s blouse. The RTW look was a good translation of it too. I really want them to win. I’d totally wear something like that. Despite their time-management issues, they pulled it off remarkably.

Chris/Christian–they definitely pulled off “avant-garde”. It was definitely the most out-there look on the runway. Though I don’t think Christian’s RTW outfit was quite a translation of what he did, color-wise. The skirt’s off.

Ricky/Kit— all I could think of was the “layer cake” dress that Kaylee wore in Firefly! But with more flowers. Not really into those old-fashioned floral prints.

Rami/Sweet P— I’d have to agree with Tim. Didn’t really look like anything different than what Rami usually does. Sweet P’s dress is cute though. Kind of reminds me of the BurdaStyle Azalea, though with a belt (which I think is how I’d have to do it if I ever make that one.) It’s really obvious that they didn’t work well together.

And now for the results…
The winning team: Chris/Christian. (Rats. That also means Christian’s guaranteed on for the next two weeks. I can’t deny they had a great look and worked well together, but still!)

Auf’ed: Kit. I’ll be sorry to see her go, since she seemed to have one of the better personalities on the show. Rami’s outfit was better for certain, though.

Looks like next week might be another trash-to-fashion challenge. Could be interesting. 😀


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