A writer is me!

Couldn’t resist the title… despite the bad grammar, such phrasings always amused me back when I was playing Kingdom of Loathing. (Such a great way to mindlessly entertain myself for a bit while I was in grad school!)

Anyway, I decided to forego the sewing today in favor of prepwork for this weekend’s crafty fest with Cassie and Tracey. So I’ve been doing a lot of writing, in the “type up the journaling on the computer” sense, today. You have no idea how grateful I am that I kept a LiveJournal during the majority of my grad school-and-on life. (Even though I know it’s probably bad form to link to another blogsite!) But that’s where I’ve kept the more personal blog for years now, and it’s been a world of help in trying to figure out what I need to write for things that happened even recently, let alone 3-4 years ago! What I’m really hoping to accomplish this weekend, though it’ll probably end up being more a case of scrapping as the muse leads, is to finish up the last couple of layouts that need to be done for my two albums from my grad school days. I’m on my third year out now. They need to get done. Though, admittedly, at the rate I tend to go when I have these scrap-dedicated weekends like I’ve been doing, both here and with Nicole, I just might attain my dream of catching up. At least, until trying to finish my two travel albums get me behind again.

I’ve been able to get stuff written for about 13 layouts so far. Some of them are slowing me down quite a bit, due to that end-of-season roundup habit I mentioned in the last post, so considering that, not too shabby. Then after that comes the fun part, which I have to admit I’ve already done on several of them–playing with fonts!

On a random and not-so-fun note, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to completely reorganize my fabric stash so I can effectively use some of it up. I keep stumbling across fabrics I forgot I had, and being unable to find the ones I think of. That’s gotta stop. It’s going to be such a pain though!


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