pillows, destruction, and amendments

No pictures yet because I ran out of time– will add later today.

Anyway, I spent yesterday on a couple of my sewing goals. Got two pillows made for my friend Tracey, as a birthday/Christmas/condowarming gift. I helped her do some of the painting in her condo just after she bought it, and discovered that her bedroom color scheme fit perfectly with the curtains in my bedroom. So, since one of the things I’m hoping to do this year is use up what I have, I used the leftover fabric from that to make them. So one piece down, oh, I don’t know, probably around 500 to go? (Obviously counting those “too big to throw out, too small to make another piece of clothing and I already own one anyway” pieces, since that’s a huge part of it.) I’m calling it “Weird Fishes” pillows– they’re not really fish, of course, but the pattern kind of has that ocean waves look to it, and she likes Radiohead, so there ya go. 😀

I also finished tearing apart that shirt of mine. So now I need to recut the sheer, pray really hard that organza-like fabric will serge, and hopefully I can get it reassembled today.

Went to a Creative Memories party with my friend Cassie last night. They had neat stuff, to be sure, but as is typical of me, I thought it would be best to spend my money on something I’d get a lot of use out of. (As in, not paper.) So what I ended up splurging on a bit is a Power Layouts Kit –basically, you just lay out the paper and photos and such ahead of time, and then store it in here until ready to use. It’s supposed to make for quicker assembly. I’m hoping this will be more effective than my current practice of storing things in page protectors (and less likely to bend.) Also, I figure it might be helpful for the big themed albums, like my road trip one, because part of my problem with the yet-unfinished Chile one is just sorting through what photos go on what page and such. Cassie and I are also splitting some paper– we decided awhile back to make a scrapbook for Julie, since she went from single to engaged at pretty much warp speed, and had made the comment to me shortly before getting engaged that since it all happened so fast, there were things she’d liked about being single that she kind of missed. (Not that she’d go back by any means.) But anyway, we’re making her a scrapbook to celebrate her single days and all the fun she had– kind of a final tribute before she moves on, and a bachelorette gift of sorts. We were going to just use some stuff we had, but then decided it would be easier this way than trying to coordinate supplies from our stashes. And, if there are gaps to be filled, I’m sure I have something that would fit the color scheme of the paper. (We just got the papers, and not all those title stickers and such.)

And now comes a reason why I decided I need to stick to simple and a few craft goals at a time: I need to amend my scrapbook list. I’m still keeping the original two items, but I’ve decided there’s no way I’m going to have that paper done in time for Tracey’s this weekend, since I wasn’t able to work on it at all this past week. So instead, I’m going to focus on getting journaling written and/or typed up and printed for as many of the pages from my regular scrapbook as possible this week. It looks like I have 21 of those layouts I can put together (though one of them is entirely done except for journaling, because it was from the batch I did at Nicole’s back at the end of December). Several of them are going to be very journaling-heavy… when I first started scrapbooking back in high school (one of my craftier aunts got me in the cousin name-draw for Christmas one year, and guessed rightly that I’d probably enjoy something like that since I liked taking pictures and collaging things) I got into the habit of making “leftovers” pages– stuff like movie tickets, party invitations, things I only had one picture of, whatever random stuff at the end of the school year that just didn’t fit into a regular page that I had. Once I got to college, it started turning into more of a semester thing, since they lined up so nicely with the seasons. I’ve been out of school long enough that I’m now trying to do Jan- Dec albums instead of June-May (so whenever I finish the layouts from last year, it’s going to be a ridiculously huge album since it will cover June ’06 to December ’07. I would have just rearranged the others, but for my first year out of grad school, which was up to May ’06, I had a really nice closing page that, unlike most of my albums, was actually done. So I didn’t want to mess with that.) But anyway, I do have several of these “leftovers” pages from grad school on to put together, and therefore they need a good bit of journaling (especially for things I don’t have pictures from.) I’m hoping that I can get a few pages done today– we’ll see, since I’m also hoping to get my green shirt sewn back together today.


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