Project Runway 4.7: "What A Girl Wants"

(blogged as I watch)

Ah, prom. I’m so amused by this challenge. Especially at how all of them are scared the teenagers are going to lose their virginity on prom night if they make the dresses too sexy, Kevin’s statements about being a teenager in New Jersey (tanning and stealing booze from their parents), and I’ll admit it, how hard a time Christian’s going to have with his rather opinionated client. 😀

I really like that champagne charmuse that Sweet P picked out. And so far, they’re focusing a lot on Christian… I wonder if that means it’s the week I’m finally rid of him? One can only hope…

It seems like several of the designers are having trouble with reconciling their own style and what the teenagers want. And now the moms are in too… mwahaha. Let’s see… so far I really like Chris’s, and Sweet P’s. Very elegant. Christian’s looks hideous. HAven’t gotten too good a look at the others. Here we go…. laughing at Tim’s comment that Nina will notice if Kevin doesn’t hem his dress. Rami’s is hard for me to get a feel for so far– it might look great, and it might be a disaster. Not really feeling Victorya’s, because it looks kind of maternity. Not good for a teenager.

And this is a prime example of why Christian has been my least favorite designer from day 1– he hits a bit of a problem, and instead of fighting for it, like Jillian last week with her Twizzler dress, he wants to throw in the towel. Besides being whiny and obnoxious, that’s just not a good attitude to have in a dog-eat-dog world like fashion. If you want to quit every time you hit a problem, how do you expect to make it as a designer? And this after spending the entire season so far giving scathing criticisms of everyone else’s work.

And Kevin still didn’t hem his dress… that’s going to get him in a bit of trouble with the judges.

On with the show….
Still like Sweet P’s dress. Looks like it fits pretty well, and a good choice of color. Still not crazy about Victorya’s– has that bubble hem I hate. Chris’s is nice– I like the drapey details. Kevin’s looks a bit Marilyn Monroe. Jillian’s color is pretty, but it makes the girl’s chest look tiny. Christian’s, see above. Kit’s is fun– I do like the color panel. Ricky’s, not crazy about. Still not sure how I feel about Rami’s.

Chris, Jillian and Kit are still in, middle ground. And now it’s defense time. Sweet P first– Grecian and Hollywood glamor-inspired, and Nicole wants it. Even Nina complimented it. She did well this time. Kevin: I agree with Nina– it’s not a good red for her. Michael called it “matronly”, and he is getting called out for the hem. Victorya: the judges like it, the model’s happy, I still think it looks kind of maternity. And now Christian: the guest judge calls it conflicted. And Nina’s calling him out for blaming the teenager for his designing woes. Ricky: ugh, I hate those bubble hems, and I do agree with Nina about the sloppy ruching. Overall cosensus is that heneeded to turn up the volume. Rami’s is getting called out as too adult for a teenager, but he’s not going home today regardless.

And now for the judge chat: Favorites are Sweet P’s and Victorya. I do hope Sweet P wins. According to them, Rami’s is too Rami and not enough client, Christian’s is just conflicted, Ricky’s is boring, and Kevin’s is cheap. And Rami’s and Kevin’s make them look too old.

The decision: I’m a bit disappointed that Sweet P didn’t win, but I’m glad she made it into the top. Ricky’s still in, and Rami of course. So now it’s down to Christian and Kevin. And now… Kevin’s out. (Drat… so close!)

Looks like next week is another team challenge…. this should be interesting.


One thought on “Project Runway 4.7: "What A Girl Wants"

  1. thanks for all of your encouragement regarding my blog!! you are so kind,…and I agree, you must try things in life so you don’t regret not trying them, later. 🙂


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