(A slightly belated) Project Runway 4.6– "Eye Candy"

A little late because I’d gotten so sidetracked on Wednesday night that I didn’t really sit down and watch it until yesterday.

The “unconventional materials” challenges are often among my favorites, and this one was no exception. I mean, everything had to do with chocolate. How can you not like that? I am glad that Jillian was able to pull off her outfit, as it was a really clever idea, and after all her stressing I’m glad it paid off and put her in the top 3.

And Christian…. it was really gratifying when Kevin commented about the ego that’s bigger than his hair and how he wanted him auf’ed. After all his bragging, I’m feeling quite justified that he only ended up in the middle of the pack, because I don’t care what he says, his dress just wasn’t that exciting. Plus he threw away a lot of Reeses’ cups. I love Reeses’ cups. That’s often my first candy of choice when I’m having massive chocolate cravings, and one of the only contexts I really like peanut butter in. So to see a whole trash can full of Reeses’ cups, knowing he did that, was painful. I wish Heidi had walked in and made him eat the whole can for wasting perfectly good chocolate like that.

I am going to be sad to see Elisa go. She had a very unique perspective on things, and her penchant for the strange often made things quite interesting. I do have to agree though, that her dress really wasn’t that exciting. Given her rather unique sense of fashion, I’d expected more from her when working with candy products.

Chris pleasantly surprised me. I do think he’s gotten some unnecessary flak from the judges about things being too “costumey”. Of course, perhaps I’m not the best one to judge, as I’ve been known to blatantly steal ideas for my everyday wardrobe from sources like Lord of the Rings and Firefly. But I loved his top especially– the way he combined the two wrappers made it look like this great, graphic, geometric print that I would totally wear.

Kit’s outfit was just fun. Even though the skirt design reminds me a bit of the Michelle from BurdaStyle. But I just love that she decided to play on her own name and use the Kit Kat wrappers for the entire top–shows a nice sense of humor. Rather refreshing on a show known for designers *coughlikeChristiancough* who take themselves way too seriously.

Kevin’s was classy, but kind of boring. If not for the “chocolate wrapper” explanation, I’d never have known it was made from candy products. The shrug was kind of cool though. I do kind of wish Sweet P had stuck with her original design, because it was more innovative. And it’s better on this show to see people fail spectacularly while taking a risk than just playing it safe and being told their design is boring. I’ll be surprised if she makes it through many more episodes though, since she’s been at the bottom on several occasions now. Rami’s win was well-deserved, I think, though part of me still wishes Jillian had won. But it was very well-constructed and creative. I could definitely see someone like Gwen Stefani wearing that. Victorya could have done a lot better– I did like her skirt, but the top left a lot to be desired, and that model walk was just really disturbing. I can’t help laughing at Ricky a bit, because you would think a lingerie designer would know better than to stick a woman in a dress that made her hips and butt look about the same shape as a Hershey’s Kiss. (I never liked bubble skirts anyway, so I would have been automatically biased to begin with.)

I really, really wish they’d stop focusing on Ego-boy in the previews so much. There’s things I’d much rather see than the little drama queen writhing on the floor and saying in his annoyingly nasal voice that he was going to cry. Oh well… maybe this is the week he’ll finally be auf’ed.


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