Along with the new year inevitably comes pondering whether it’s time to rethink the way I do some things. A big thing this past year with me has been the desire to simplify things in my life where I can. My job situation brings a lot of complications, especially schedule-wise, so it seems where I’m going to have to start with this is in my hobbies.

I can’t deny it– I’m an ambitious crafter. I end up with these huge stacks of projects and then end up feeling overwhelmed because I don’t have time to do it all. I’ve tried making lists before to prioritize things, but never end up sticking to them– partially because often other situations come up, partially because I tend to choose projects based on my whim at the moment rather than a plan, and partially because I’m just not an organized person. So I’m going to try a different approach to chipping away at my project stack. Rather than set any grand or long-term goals, I’m going to set myself some smaller, managable goals. And only a few at a time. That’ll allow for my creative whims, but still hopefully keep me focused. So here we go….

Sewing goals:
1. Fix the twisted sleeve lining on the brocade jacket, add buttons and loops for closure. That will finish this project, and can possibly be done tonight, or at least by the end of the weekend.

2. Make Tracey’s birthday/Christmas/housewarming gift.

3. Finish removing the contrast sections from the shirt I’m repairing, and then redo those sections. In theory, it should sew back together pretty fast, though it’ll probably be slowed down by wanting to reinforce the heck out of the sheer fabric’s edges this time.

4. Come up with a definite design for a skirt from that green striped taffetta fabric from a few posts back. See what my options are in patterns that I own.

Scrapbook goals:
1. Finish painting the background paper for the road trip album.

2. Make the last journaling booklet for the road trip album, now that I have the paper. Should probably also do one for the cd mix listings, since music is an essential part of the road trip and should therefore be chronicled along with the rest of the experience. (If possible, try to get these done in the next few weeks, so I can take it with me for the planned weekend of craftiness at Tracey’s. Gotta have something to do while hanging out with the crocheters!)

Cooking goals: (since I’m considering this as a creative thing):
1. Finish going through my stack of recipes….and eliminate as many as possible.

So there we go… since I tend to use this blog to think out loud as much as chronicle my projects, I will attempt to keep track of how well this works for me.


One thought on “Simplifying

  1. I have to say I really love looking at your blog ’cause you create such great stuff!!Also, thank you for posting the link to Burda Style! I’m thinking I might make it my goal to make one thing from there in the next 6 months. I have not yet managed to make anything from a pattern – one of the problems is that the free patterns I have stumbled on before now don’t inspire me at all and I don’t want to pay for patterns when I am such a newbie sewer. So thank you!!!


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