A crafty start to 2008

This was a very good day. The sort of day that makes me wish I had days to not work and not go anywhere more often. I spent a huge portion of the day (from about 10 in the morning to 6 at night, with about a half-hour break for lunch) watching The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers (both in their extended editions), and sewing. I had originally thought I would get more done– I wasn’t expecting this project to take the entire first movie plus about 2/3 of the second. But my brocade jacket is now basically done.
Well, almost. I just tried it on after typing that, and discovered that somehow, the lining in one sleeve got twisted. D’oh! So I’m going to have to fix that for ease of arm movement, even though I can get my arm in there ok and it looks fine.
Anyway. I used New Look 6519 to make this. I altered the collar area a bit because, when trying on the outer shell, I didn’t like how the top corners just below the mandarin collar kind of moved together and made the rest of it open up in a triangle below it– made my hips look huge. So I shortened the length of the collar and tapered it in some. I do like that better. I still feel like this jacket needs something though– some Chinese frogs in the front, perhaps, to help keep it closed more. I’ll have to see if I can find any in chocolate. And maybe let it sit a few days and see how I feel. I was also considering a tie belt, but that might make it look like a very fancy bathrobe. 😛
I also started tearing apart my green velvety shirt to replace the sheer that’s tearing out of the seams. Got both of the sleeves off, though I still have a little seam to go in order to remove the sheer from the underlayer. Then comes the fun part… the zipper and the bodice. But I don’t think it’ll take too terribly long to re-assemble it, once I get the sheer-covered parts prepared. Think it’s time to break out the serger again.

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