A 2007 retrospective

Silly me… the end of the year always makes me introspective. So here’s a few highlights of my year in craftiness…

-As far as creativity goes, I think I took more chances in design choices. And loved some of the results, like the kimono pjs.

-Had several firsts this year– sewing baby clothes, doing the Wardrobe Refashion challenge (for which my pledge is officially over now, or at least I can no longer post on the blog), being chosen as a contest winner for the BurdaStyle Halloween challenge, sewing with bamboo…

-Had a couple failures this year too, mainly in drafting my own patterns. Still haven’t quite gotten that one down.

-I’ve become less productive, I think, but a little more detailed. I say less productive because the second half of the year was pretty much dominated by one dress and the peacoat.

I don’t have an exact count on scrapbook pages done, though I know I did a fair amount. But here’s some other stats:
Craftster swaps completed: 2
New articles of clothing: 14
Reconned articles of clothing (which includes a few simple embellishments): 15
Bags or bag-like things: 4
Articles of jewelry: approximately 14
Totally bombed projects: 2
Scrapbook pages completed, give or take a few: 33

Favorite sewing project this year: The Titania dress. I was just so happy that I designed something and, even though I had to start with a pre-made pattern base, it worked!

Least favorite sewing project: The Felicity Peacoat. Even though I’m happy with the results, and it’s keeping me nice and warm so far, it was just such a pain to make! Though I think most of that would have been avoided had I had the right pattern size to start with. 😛

Best online discovery this year: BurdaStyle, hands-down. I mean, come on. Free sewing patterns that don’t suck!

Best podcast discovery: ThreadBanger. Even when the projects are way more punk than I am, it’s just so fun to watch.

7 Things I’m hoping to accomplish in 2008:
1. Finally learn how to make jeans that fit!
2. Get better at working with knit fabrics.
3. Use up some of my stash. Though that was part of the whole point of the WR challenge… 😛
4. Finish the two scrapbooks from my grad school years, the Chile album and the road trip album.
5. Even though I didn’t sign up again, I still want to sew as much of my wardrobe as possible instead of buying things new. (Even though, since my pledge is over, I did buy two shirts today. The first was an off-white cami that I’ve been needing for awhile to wear under things and had no luck with at the thrift store, and the other was a pretty, comfy knit shirt.
6. Try a project from this book that I got for Christmas.
7. Though it’s not crafty, persay, I do also want to work on my cooking skills a little. In particular, I want to learn how to make those Chinese pork dumplings, and how to better cook without recipes.

Happy New Year!

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